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Lydia Evangeline – Raw

Coming back with her first release of the year; earlier this month, UK artist Lydia Evangaline showcased her brand new single Raw. 

Debuting the release of her solo material back in 2018, London-based artist Lydia Evangeline has been going from strength to strength, and honing her craft, with a steady series of incredible singles and the release of her debut 2019 EP Twenty-Four. Beginning her career on YouTube as part of Wayward Daughter, Lydia has already garnered an impressive 20 million plus streams on Spotify as a songwriter and 85,000 subscribers on YouTube. And earlier this month, she showcased her latest offering with the release of her brand new single Raw.

Released this Valentines Day, Raw is a song based around Lydia’s own personal experience with heartbreak. With a dazzling, nostalgic piano-led instrumental, the track delivers a gentle pop inspired ballad; gradually building, as a poignant narrative about her sudden breakup unfolds through her candid and skilled lyricism. Driven forward by her enchanting vocals, that resonate throughout the sonic landscape, Lydia creates something moving and relatable without losing the unique and personal nature of her storytelling. 

Speaking more about the release of Raw, Lydia explained:

“Raw is very…um…raw. It was written very soon after a big and painful break up, and I think I needed to put into words the fact that I was actually lost for words, which I guess is a bit of an oxymoron. The whole song centres around “I might be ready talk, soon or maybe not so soon who knows… But right now, it’s still too raw, too painful, I’m still reeling, grieving, processing, gathering my thoughts and my emotions, reimagining my future, going over and over questions and confusion”.

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