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Macy Kate – ‘Sugar’

“We should’ve listened to Bey more when she said get in formation”

Starting her musical journey at age sixteen when she appeared on ABC’s Rising Star, Florida native Macy Kate has been garnering worldwide acclaim and attention with the power of her soulful pop vocals and skilled lyricism. Having had a stellar 2020, releasing her EP and focus single, Cry For Help, that has already amassed an impressive 5 million+ streams on Spotify; Macy Kate is now following this up with her brand new single and first release of the year, Sugar – out today. Showcasing a new side to her artistry, and highlighting her artistic diversity and fluidity, Sugar takes a step forward from her previously more vulnerable sound to one that is all about self-confidence and empowerment. Her comeback release after over a year of self-reflection and creative development, we can expect more new music and incredible releases coming from Macy Kate very soon. 

Opening with a melodic and sultry instrumental, the song builds into a smooth and intoxicating R&B track that is filled with rhythmic beats and playful lyricism. A definite switch up from her more previously pop-led sound, Sugar instantly brings us into a mesmerizing and captivating sonic world as she fuses her stunning vocals with a darker and edgier vibe that will no doubt perfectly transition listers into the next era of Macy Kate’s artistry. To add to the new release, she has also dropped some dazzling new visuals to accompany the track. Building on the fun and flirtatious energy of the instrumentation and lyricism, the video sees Macy Kate performing the song and vibing out to the music while enjoying life in a bright and colourful ‘Alice In Wonderland’ inspired fantasy world that drips with lavish opulence. 

While a definite 180 from what we can usually expect from Macy Kate, the track certainly showcases her artistic skill and diversity, while seeing her maintain her infamous bubbly personality and playful spirit that audiences have come to know and love.

“I wrote this song immediately after finding out my ex was cheating on me with another girl for the entire relationship. I was definitely in a mix of emotions and went through many emotions and insecurity from being fat shamed and mentally abused but the common emotion that I kept coming back to was anger. I was angry for wasting my time on something that affected me in so many different ways. It got to the point where I was so angry I couldn’t help but to laugh! When you know you’re a dime piece and someone comes along and screws you over, you just have to laugh because what an “L” that person took, am I right?! I want women to know that no matter what we go through to never forget who we are and what we are capable of. Sometimes all we need is some sugar, white wine, and back to being superwoman!”

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