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Madanes releases the heartfelt single ‘In love with Laura Ingraham [what’s wrong with me]’

On a musical journey that started at age twelve with a record-collecting hobby, and continued into two decades as a DJ, Madanes grew his musical taste by listening to vast amounts of new music. With fifty to one hundred new songs gracing his ears each week, and some piano lessons on the way, he slowly found his own songwriting style, writing four albums in his native language of Hebrew. In more recent times, the artist has moved towards writing in English, giving a new audience the opportunity to understand his poetic lyricism.

The Israeli songwriter’s newest release recently arrived as the bouncy and heartfelt anthem ‘In love with Laura Ingraham [what’s wrong with me]’. After opening with a jolly whistled melody, the track then sees Madanes speak to the theme of love without logic, as he pitches his own views before openly asking why he would fall in love with someone who sees the world in such contrast. The track grows and grows into a high-energy singalong chant, cleanly produced and infectious in its melodies, but never taking itself too seriously.

The artist shares, ”Love has no rules and logic… that is the tragic magic. We can’t decide with whom to fall in love. Love allows us to erase prejudices and see the person and not just his opinions.”