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Maddie Ashman Takes a Reflective Dive into Love with ‘I’d Rather Fall’

Maddie Ashman’s latest single, “I’d Rather Fall,” takes listeners on a heartfelt journey through heartbreak. With her distinctive vocals, Maddie blends classical and experimental influences to create an innovative, emotional pop tune. The song’s evolving soundscape, featuring cellos and the rubber bridge guitar, complements the narrative perfectly.

In “I’d Rather Fall,” Maddie explores the thrill and terror of unexpectedly falling in love. Though deeply personal, the lyrics capture a universal experience. Originally envisioned as a simple acoustic track, the collaboration with producer Nathan Cox led to a rich arrangement with layered vocals, synths, and drums.

Since her EP ‘Apparently’ release, Maddie has gained recognition, including 6Music’s BBC introducing Track of the Week and being a runner-up in BBC 1’s live lounge competition. Her live performances, looping cello sounds and melodies, have impressed songwriters like Tom Grenan.

Maddie’s dedication to innovation extends to her work with the microtonal guitar. She achieved third place in an international competition, had her music performed at prestigious festivals, and showcased an audiovisual installation commissioned by Britten Pears Arts. Her new single, “I’d Rather Fall,” showcases the rubber-bridged guitar, pushing musical boundaries.

Maddie Ashman continues to captivate audiences with her boundary-pushing artistry and emotive storytelling. Each release offers a glimpse into her world, where she fearlessly combines genres and instruments to create captivating music.

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