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Maki Flow – EP: ‘Can’t Act My Age’

“Never thought I’d get so close to feeling new”

Continuing to hone and develop her craft, and bring us deeper into her vibrant sonic world; today, rising London-based singer-songwriter Maki Flow is back with release of her exciting new project – her debut EP, Can’t Act My AgeProduced by Maki herself, alongside her collaborator Roberto Demartis, Can’t Act My Age is the latest taste of her dazzling and vibrant sound; incorporating elements from across pop, dance and acoustic singer-songwriter genres. A stunning six track record, the long-awaited EP features several of her pre-released singles including Everything I’m Not and Better off Alonewhile showcasing Maki’s ever impressive skill and talent. An overall bouncy, up-tempo and infectious record; this is an incredible EP that is perfect for the summer and will make an incredible new addition to all your favourite playlists. 

Kicking off the EP on a glimmering summery note, the first half of the record is all about the three pre-released singles that gave us a taste of what was to come; Better off Alone, Everything I’m Not and Odd Socks. While each having their own distinct sound and style, they all encompass the same Maki Flow vibe that we know and love; all delivering addictive up-tempo, disco-pop led soundscapes that are impossible to resist. As we move into the second half of the EP, we get the first of the new singles, Complicated Creature, on track number 4. Short but sweet at only 1:47, this track sees Maki introduce a new side to her artistry, and the EP, with a more poignant and emotive atmosphere. Continuing this more mellow and heartfelt energy into the second half of the EP; track 5, Eraser (the One Who Gets Hurt), sees Maki’s honeyed vocals dance playfully above a laid-back, sentimental pop instrumental that definitely makes you feel some type of way. And as we head into the final track, Maki ends on 6pm – a stunning ballad that sees her raw and honest vocals shine effortlessly alongside a soft acoustic guitar instrumental. 

A fantastic project from start to end, Maki has not disappointed with this latest release and it was certainly worth the wait. To keep up with her and all her upcoming releases, make sure to find Maki on all her socials:


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