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MARSELA releases who Knows Where The Love Goes video

Emerging on the scene with the compelling debut ‘Who Know Where The Love Goes?’, singer-songwriter Marsela is poised for big things. The acoustic track features dark but mellow piano chords, allowing the focus to be directed towards Marsela’s emotive lyrics and rich, powerhouse vocals. As her voice glides from velvety low notes to soaring belts, the accompanying music video depicts Marsela in a colourless, stormy coastal setting, emphasizing the catharsis of this stirring single. 

Discussing the meaning behind the song, Marsela explains: “‘Who Knows Where The Love Goes?’ Is inspired by the act of someone waking up one day and deciding they no longer want someone they’ve been building a life with, with no explanation. It waltzes between feelings of hopelessness to actually pointing the finger, which is what we do when we’re left doing guesswork. I find it to be quite a terrifying prospect to have the rug swept from under your feet and so I wrote about it.” 

This British-Albanian songstress is based in London, where she has spent her time penning tracks and establishing her style. The time she’s dedicated to refining her craft is audible through the captivating story she tells on her debut single ‘Who Knows Where The Love Goes?’, demonstrating that this is not just an artist with a massive voice, but also one who can convey heart-felt lyrics. Possessing unbounded potential, Marsela’s future looks very bright, and we look forward to hearing more from her. 

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