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Matilda Bond Invites You into Their ‘Home For 24 Hours’ EP

Matilda Bond, the exciting Brighton-based collective, is back with their latest EP, ‘Home For 24 Hours’, ready to take listeners on an emotional journey. This captivating release features previously released singles like ‘Charm’, ‘Meanwhile’, ‘Long Lost’, and ‘Meet Me in the Middle’, along with a new track, ‘I’ll Wait’.

The EP effortlessly blends elegant vocals and love-soaked lyrics with a mesmerizing soundscape of glittery keys, gentle drums, spacey guitar, and flowing horns, ensuring the instrumental parts shine alongside the powerful vocals.

Matilda herself shares that ‘Home For 24 Hours’ is an invitation into her world, representing a condensed expression of emotions experienced over the past year – loss, love, hopelessness, desire, worry, and warmth. The cover arts, featuring old family photographs, add an intimate touch to the project.

Matilda Bond’s unique sound combines jazz chords, soulful vocals, and influences from hip-hop and R&B, making them an exciting force in the contemporary music scene.

‘Home For 24 Hours’ marks a significant milestone in their musical journey, and fans can look forward to more enticing music from this talented collective in the future. Join them on this heartfelt voyage and immerse yourself in their ‘Home For 24 Hours’.