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Matt Saxton releases hard-hitting, irresistible new album “It’s Only Now That I Know”

Matt Saxton has been refining his sound and musical ability for quite some time now. A multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter hailing from East Sussex, his musical ability is allowing him to connect with people universally as proven by achieving 500,000 streams on single “Seabird.” 

“It’s Only Now That I Know” showcases his ability in abundance. With some tracks having an infectious groove and others showcasing a vulnerable identity, the album is a well-flowing offering that will transport you to Matt Saxton’s world. “It’s Alright” and “Animal” are vulnerable moments on the album. Heartwarming pianos and guitar lines ebb and flow between each other, creating a swirl of melodies that are wrapped up in melancholy sadness. Saxton’s vocals grace the track softly, providing a raw and emotional tinge to the track. Whereas on the other hand, the album features infectious blues-daring tracks such as “Back To You.” Irresistible, crashing drums and soulful vocals all melt together to create a gem of a track. 

Speaking about the release, Matt Saxton tells us: “The album covers a variety of themes including SAD Syndrome (Animal), insomnia (Tonight), marital crisis (Back to You) and childhood trauma (Biggin Hill Blues). 

As a mature artist, I have hopefully reached an age where I can try and understand the triggers from my childhood which have caused periods of extreme anxiety throughout my life.

Some of the songs have therefore come from dark and difficult experiences, however I would like to think the album is overall uplifting!

The song and title of the album It’s Only Now That I Know, encapsulates the general theme which is about finding some kind of wisdom and acceptance by looking back at the past and recognising both the successes and the failures.

Musically the album features classic rock/folk instrumentation however there are synths and drum loops added in on certain songs. I especially loved the way John Grant used this combination for his Queen of Denmark album.

I recorded demos for each of the songs at home and the album was recorded and mixed over 10 days at the Animal Farm Studios in London.” 

Overall, the album is a standout piece of work that showcases his quality. “It’s Only Now That I Know” is an emotional rollercoaster and it’s an album that you should all listen to. 

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