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Meagan Sky releases heartwarming new single “Tension & Release”

Meagan Sky longed to be in the music industry, but was unsure of how or when to take the leap. She was settled down with a graphic design job when she realised she needed to fulfil her dreams, and she’s certainly doing that now. Her unique and signature sound manages to blend contemporary and new together, with the likes of Maggie Rogers and Leon Bridges to be found in her music.

Her latest single “Tension & Release” is a heartwarming new offering. The track features a colourful instrumental that consists of heartwarming piano parts and rhythmic acoustic guitars. Vocally, Meagan Sky has a signature tone that works hand in glove with her emotional lyricism. The track presents the perfect blend of soul and pop.

Speaking about the single, she says: “This song represents my struggle with limiting beliefs. I realized that I was the one that was stopping me from reaching my aspirations, and I was also the one who could make my dreams a reality. It’s about the tug of war between staying safe in your limiting beliefs and wanting more for yourself. Hence the name Tension & Release. It’s about my internal tension and restlessly seeking release.”

With many accolades achieved already, we can’t wait to see where she can take this.

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