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merry choppins releases new double single ‘flex / ohhhiiiiii’ feat. Jessy Wilson

Producer and songwriter merry choppins returns with new double single ‘flex / ohhhiiiiii’, following on from his recent release ‘cloudin / nananana’. His new offering includes a collaboration with R&B powerhouse Jessy Wilson, seeing bouncing melodies and a catchy chorus, whilst the electrifying ‘ohhhiiiiii’ brings a grooving bass drop and shimmering vocal chops. 

Discussing the release, merry choppins says: “Flex is one of my favorite songs I’ve been a part of! Jessy and I basically goofed around the whole session saying “what if we tried this” and it all just kind of worked right away. One of the consistent themes of mine as merry choppins is reworking and releasing songs that I’ve made with other artists that feel so good but might not fit the artist’s normal vibe. I love that this song gives Jessy a spot to shine in a different light than you would usually hear from her.” 

With production and songwriting credits including work with BTS, SIA, Andra Day and Ashe amongst others, merry choppins is an expert in his field. His new projects showcase his ability to craft tunes that listeners won’t be able to resist, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Check it out here.

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