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Middle Name John unveils the lo-fi experimentation of ‘Different’

Middle Name John is an artist debuting with an experimental sound and equally thought-provoking concept. A creator, player, writer, observer, activist and most importantly person, Middle Name John arrives as an expression of everyday life. The London-based newcomer initially appeared as the lead singer of Los and the Deadlines, as well as immersing himself in local scenes for campaigns such as Love Music Hate Racism.

The debut single is ‘Different’, an innovative lo-fi development. The music is built from uncertain atmospheres, with distorted processing, jerky rhythms and jazz-influenced harmonies. Above this dystopian feeling backdrop arrives Middle Name John’s self-proclaimed ramblings, blurring the lines between spoken-word poetry and infectious vocalisations. Never tethered to a single idea, the track ebbs and flows, bursting into life with rich melodies and destructive production before disappearing entirely..

Middle Name John gives audiences a peak into his upcoming album, “The recording process for this album was the most scattered of any project I had embarked on before. We were all locked down in a global pandemic but I knew I wanted to start a new project. I wanted it to be lyrical while reflecting on the strange times we were all experiencing as a society. I also knew that I wanted to work with a couple of close friends in whatever capacity I could, to somehow reach a level of interplay while embracing the bizarre limitations laid out in front of us.

The limitations of recording during a global pandemic inspired the music. Rather than trying to create a band sound I wanted to have a crack at creating something “in the box” or quasi-electronic. I was using contorted guitar sounds on wacky drum samples to ignite lyrical sparks that reflected the confusion and uncertainty of a time. And I don’t think the feeling of that time has gone away, thus it feels relevant to put it out.”