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Midweek Music Motivation. 01

Bringing you some music motivation to get you through the week, here’s our mid week music rundown with some incredible new tracks from some fantastic rising artists. 

ZARITZA – ‘When I Want It’

Back earlier this month with her latest new release, rising artist Zaritza is showcasing her dazzling talent and artistry with the release of her brand new single When I Want ItShaking off taboos and empowering women, the sultry dark-pop release instantly draws listeners into the vibrant and unique sonic world that fuses together influences from across electro-pop and grunge to create the perfect backdrop to her enchanting and captivating vocals. Continuing her rising artistic journey, we are sure to be getting more fantastic and boundary-pushing releases from the talented artist. 

“When I Want It is a celebration of female sexual freedom’, Zaritza explains. “It’s written from the perspective of a strong, independent woman who isn’t afraid to sing about her sexual desires and who finds joy in her self-pleasure. She does it when she wants it and how she wants it, without any fear of judgement or shame. She loves herself and isn’t afraid to express it”.


Leeza – ‘Too Long’

Russian-born, now LA-based; emerging artist Leeza came back with her sophomore single and first release of the year – Too Long. Giving off a glimmering and rhythmic R&B energy, Too Long is a dazzling heartbreak anthem filled with gleaming synths, twinkling guitars and funky basslines that run throughout. Candid and relatable in her open and honest writing and lyricism; through the poignant narrative, the catchy and addictive beat is one you will no doubt have on repeat. 

Talking about the song, Leeza explained:

“We’ve all made the mistake of falling in love with our best friend who doesn’t love us back “that way” – this song’s about the missed opportunities.”


Kitty Montague – ‘Kiss Chase’

Producing another dazzling piece of pop perfection, London-based singer-songwriter Kitty Montague is back with the release of her latest single Kiss ChaseChallenging the societal shame around women and their sexuality, Kitty delivers a powerful and important message through her skilled lyricism, that is featured above a laid back, fun and flirtatious pop melody. Blending punchy piano melodies and building to a shimmering and unforgettable chorus, the song is a mass of catchy hooks fused together with Kitty’s magnetic vocals. 

“Growing up I found it hard to navigate the double standards and judgement that women face around sex and what we do, or don’t do, with our bodies. This is the liberating, self-assured song I could have done with then, and still need reminding of now!”


Anaté – Flow

After emerging onto the music scene last year; last week, rising duo Anaté, consisting of singer-songwriter Ana and producer and songwriter Andrea, delivered their brand new single Flow – the latest in their incredible series of 2021 release so far. A perfect addition to their rapidly growing discography, Flow continues to showcase their unique sound and artistry; delivering their signature relaxed and ambient vibes. With a vibrant and immersive soundscape, the expertly crafted instrumentation and production, paired alongside Ana’s warm and soothing vocals, is impossible not to love. 

Discussing the making of the track, Ana explained: “I was just jamming on the piano when I came up with the pattern and the melody. I remember being so excited about it that I texted Andrea saying ‘hey stop doing what you are doing, I just wrote something super cool omg listen to this!!’. The lyrics were then written quite easily: the beat gave me the feeling of freedom, so the song talks about embracing who you are, exploring your creativity and just let it flow, just put it out there. Love who you are and celebrate that every day in every single way”

Adding to that, Andrea continued: “Flow come from Ana basically done with structure, piano pattern and lyrics. I layered the arrangement on top of that, trying to keep it simple to give space to Ana’s voice. I had an ‘omg moment’ as well when I wrote the acoustic guitar fingerpicked pattern, because it completes the piano part so well.”