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Midweek Music Motivation. 03

Bringing you some music motivation to get you through the week, here’s our mid week music rundown with some incredible new tracks from some fantastic rising artists.

Taylor Castro – ‘Hurricane’

Last week, Miami-based indie pop singer-songwriter Taylor Castro came back with the release of her exciting new single Hurricane. Continuing to dazzle with her impeccable storytelling, vibrant melodies and cinematic music videos; Hurricane is the latest example of her artistic talent and skill and the incredible new release off of her forthcoming full-length album Girl, Afraid which she is set to drop this summer. Highlighting the bottomless depths of her creativity, Hurricane delivers a gentle and melodic indie-pop led instrumental, filled with emotion and addictive beats, that flows perfectly alongside her bold and empowering vocals. Another fantastic release from the talented artist, she continues to showcase why she is one to watch, and we are sure to continue seeing more incredible release from her throughout the year.

“When you really want someone in your life but it seems like your relationship with them isn’t growing despite every effort, it’s human nature for that frustration to turn into overreaction or manipulation. A hurricane is basically this mutant rain storm so I felt like it was a great metaphor for trying to get closer to someone by essentially getting into a fight with them and tracking what makes them tick. Through this, the two people develop a better understanding of who the other is at their core and are no longer fooled by what the other portrays. As wrong as that behaviour may be, it’s only natural and this song is about it from the manipulator’s point of view.”


M.Byrd – ‘Morning Sun’

Continuing to introduce us to his immersive indie-folk style artistry, rising artist M.Byrd is back with his brand new sophomore single, and the accompanying new music video for his latest new release, Morning Sun. His first release of the year and following on from his debut single Mountain, which has amassed close to 2 million streams on Spotify to date, Morning Sun delivers a sentimental and low-tempo energy that immerses you within the soft and glimmering soundscape. Emitting a sense of melancholy, the warm acoustic indie instrumental still projects an atmosphere of depth and hopefulness; reflecting the energy of the rising morning sun. And perfectly accompanying the track are the vibrant, red-tinged visuals that feature the fluid movements of the self-confident dancer Rose Marie Lindstrøm with her own choreography.

“Morning Sun has become a kind of morning mantra for me. The idea came to me a few years ago in the morning right after I got up and it came back to me subsequently over and over again, like a kind of entry into meditation, until I finally recorded it and arranged it into form.”


Cj Pandit– ‘New York Time’

Back with a stunning new single, rising indie-pop singer-songwriter Cj Pandit delivered his most intimate track to date with the release of his raw and tender single New York Time – released last week. A perfect new addition to his ever growing sonic collection, and showcasing his poignant and honest song writing and lyricism, New York Time delivers a soft guitar-led melody that immerses you within the emotive and poignant soundscape and is a beautifully melancholic, yet cathartic, offering that provides a flawless response to a lost love. Continuing to build his reputation and a rapidly growing fanbase, he is undoubtedly one to watch.

“I never understood the idea of a song being plucked out of the ether or ‘given’ to you by some kind of higher musical power until I wrote New York Time. I was at the lowest point in my life, I couldn’t shake New York, or a person and situation there, or the weight of my own expectations for creating. I was manic, working all over the place with so many different people, but then went up to Liverpool to write some new songs. Those few days were a real blur, filled with hallucinations and something I can still never quite put my finger on. Like watching a sunset, the knowledge to describe it never quite matches the sight or the experience of it. It’s the most honest I’ve ever been. I have little recollection of that time, but it’s a period and a song I’m incredibly grateful for that means so much more than I could ever put into words.”


OpenSoul – ‘Craving Your Love’

Delivering his latest his latest serving of R&B vibes, rising artist OpenSoul drops his brand new single Craving Your Love that sees him team up with fellow artist and regular collaborator, Jeia. Opening with a melodic and infectious guitar beat, the instrumental blends into a smooth R&B vibe that gives off an enchanting and captivating aura. Centering around the emotions and feelings of a new relationship, this heart-warming atmosphere is reflected throughout the instrumental. Glimmering effortlessly alongside the instrumentation are OpenSoul’s beautiful and rich vocals that sit right at the forefront of the sonic landscape. With passion, sensuality and smooth R&B vibes, this is certainly not one to miss. 

“‘Craving Your Love’ is about new relationship energy. Craving the time, attention, and affections of another.”