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Midweek Music Motivation. 04

Bringing you some music motivation to get you through the week, here’s our mid week music rundown with some incredible new tracks from some fantastic rising artists.

Maths Time Joy X Rich – ‘Change’

Back with a brand new single; last week, artist and producer Maths Time Joy embarked on a new chapter of his musical journey as he teamed up with New-York based artist Rich on their latest new release Change – the first in a series of incredible collaborations for the pair. A melodic and cathartic indie-led offering, Change delivers an emotive narrative all about the moment of realization Rich had that he was in an abusive relationship, placed against a stunning and poignant instrumental that is coupled together with Maths Time Joy’s skilled and expertly crafted production.  Immersive, heart-felt and bringing you deep into a dazzling sonic world, this track is an absolute must listen and is the first of many more incredible releases to come.

Maths Time Joy & Rich

Hanne Mjøen – ‘Hell With You’

Delivering her first release of the year, Norwegian alt-pop artist Hanne Mjøen continues to showcase why she is an incredible rising artist to watch with her intoxicating soundscapes and skilled lyricism. Back with a brand new release, last week Hanne delivered her latest single Hell With You. Against the backdrop of addictive and rich up-tempo electro-pop vibes, Hell With You sees the talented artist narrate what it feels like to fall out of love but not wanting to leave for the fear of never falling in love again. With a relatable and universal message, Hanne delivers this through her energetic and edgy power-pop vocals set against the backdrop of bold, electro, dream-pop melodies that are perfectly paired with dynamic synth elements and rich dance-pop beats. The lead single off of her forthcoming EP Emotional Fever, this is the latest taste of her exciting new music and next chapter in her artistic journey.

“You want to leave knowing this isn’t “it” for you, but you’re scared of being alone, and not ready to give it up.”


Bradley Dennison – ‘Stolen Love’

Emerging onto the music scene, earlier this month, platinum selling producer Bradley Denniston made his solo artistic debut with his inaugural single Stolen Love. Hailing from Los Angeles, the multi-talented producer, singer, engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist is firmly placing his stamp on the industry and proving that he is no doubt one of 2021’s rising artists to watch. Inspired by the relationships happening all around the world, Stolen Love delivers an upbeat, playful, indie alt-pop instrumental with a distinctively groovy and addictive beat that is hard to resist. Introducing us to his sound and artistry and bringing us into his sonic world, this is only the beginning for the talented artist and we are sure to be getting more incredible new releases from Bradley in no time.

“All the love you experience has been stolen at one time or another. The one you’re in love with now, was once in love with another. You stole all your love and someone stole your love.”


Frank Mighty’s Hotline – ‘Safe Here’

Emerging onto the music scene in 2019, Frank Mighty’s Hotline has been delivering a steady stream of releases that feature a mass of melodic and gentle indie-led beats and soundscapes. Now, following their first release of the year, FreakFrank Mighty’s Hotline are now back with their latest new single – their brand new track, Safe HereGrowing up on the West Coast, in a mountainous region with abundant wildlife, Frank Mighty made music and lived a tranquil life. Then, while fooling around on his computer, Franky got sucked into The Hotline, an infinite internet portal of face-melting psychedelic sounds and unimaginable visual splendour and has delivering dazzling and immersive music ever since. With ambient lo-fi beats, gentle piano melodies and impressive vocal harmonies, Safe Here reflects the serenity of the natural world and is the latest example of their new chapter of music that is soon to come.