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Midweek Music Motivation. 07

Bringing you some music motivation to get you through the week, here’s our mid week music rundown with some incredible new tracks from some fantastic rising artists.

Abby J Hall – ‘Tough Love’

Late last month, rising artist Canadian singer-songwriter Abby J Hall came back with her latest single and first release of the year, Tough LoveThe latest taste of her talent and artistry, Tough Love is a reflective pop track that exposes how alone many of us feel in the midst of a seemingly crowded space. Opening with a vibrant and melodic instrumental, Abby’s stunning vocals are immediately at the forefront of the glimmering soundscape and bring you deep into the dazzling sonic world of the track. With an addictive beat that runs throughout, the song is utterly irresistible and is certainly one that will stick with you from the moment you hear the very first note. Delivering a fresh and exciting sound and energy, we can be sure to be hearing more incredible music releases from Abby very soon. 


Robyn Wilson – ‘Love Songs To Myself’

After emerging onto the music scene back in 2019 with the release of her debut single Hotel Roomlast week, independent Northampton-based artist Robyn Wilson came back with her follow up sophomore single Love Songs To MyselfShowcasing her young and effortless musical flare, Love Songs To Myself sees Robyn bring together the popularity of self love without giving in to societies standards of romance. Giving off a rhythmic and melodic synth-pop style energy, Love Songs To Myself delivers a captivating and emotive instrumental that perfectly reflects the empowering yet poignant message of self-love and acceptance. Bringing us a little deeper into her artistic world, told through her skilled and intimate lyricism, Robyn’s songs are all about positivity and embracing who we are; delivering anthems that are both universal and relatable. 

“When I started secondary school, I was a bit of a nerd to be honest but I was always singing to myself which I got picked on a lot for, but it was just something I did without even thinking, at home and at school! A group of bullies in my form group, they never really went away, then a year or two in I started to get recognised by the ‘popular kids’ which I was very naive about, thinking they were all my friends. So, I got to the point where I basically just thought, “sod it, people are going to be mean whether I fit in or not so I might as well just try to be myself!” Obviously harder said than done, I actually went years just trying not to make friends and shutting myself off to people because I just thought that’s how things worked. I feel like 2019 was definitely my year and I was finally getting close to being completely comfortable in my skin, wearing what I want, singing what I want, saying what I want, wearing as much or as little make up as I want!”


Lenci – ‘Wildflower’

Delivering another incredible new release; late last month, North Carolina native Lenci came back with her exciting new single Wildflower. Showcasing her incredible vocal talent and ability, Wildflower is a dazzling and vibrant track filled with soulful beats and a gentle, ambient atmosphere that fills you with a sense of warmth and peace. Continuing to display her knack and skill for storytelling and lyricism, the track delivers a sentiment that is set to to serve as a mantra and reminder that we are not alone. With an atmosphere of love, soul and tenderness running throughout; the song begins with a delicate instrumental, and soft vocals and harmonies from Lenci, that build to a bold and life affirming melody, with Lenci’s vocals remaining at the forefront of the soundscape. Giving off a slight 90s/00’s vibe, this is certainly one you’ll be having on repeat. 

“The song was created in my car, in my driveway. I was just sitting there with the A/C on and the car parked trying to have a conversation with myself about how I could pull myself out of what I felt like was emotional quicksand. I hope that when people hear this song they are reminded how powerful they are. I want people to dance and sing out loud to this song. I hope this song serves as a mantra to speak to yourself kindly and  as a liaison between me (the artist) and listeners, so that people know they are not alone. It’s a boost of confidence that we all need. The phrase “Wildflower whatcha doing in a bed of roses”, stems from being different and yet just as beautiful as anyone could be. Just because I don’t fit a certain mold, or expectation, doesn’t mean my beauty inside or outside has less value.”


EMELINE – ‘flowers & sex’

A perfect new addition to her ever growing sonic collection; alt-pop, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter EMELINE has garnered a mass of attention following the recent demo of her latest new single flowers & sex becoming a viral sensation on Tik Tok. All about promoting female empowerment and that women should be able to ask for what they want, whether that is in the bedroom or in work, friendships and relationships; flowers & sex is a bold and unapologetic anthem that is sure to resonate with listeners all over. A captivating electro-pop banger, with an addictive beat that runs throughout; EMELINE teamed up with Grammy nominated duo SMLE on the track, who delivered the expertly crafted production, to create the undeniable new hit. 

“This song is my moment to ask for what I want and need, unapologetically.  I am living inside my power and embracing that I deserve to be celebrated.  What can I say, flowers and sex are a girl’s best friend.”