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Midweek Music Motivation. 08

Bringing you some music motivation to get you through the week, here’s our mid week music rundown with some incredible new tracks from some fantastic rising artists.

More In Luv – ‘Like You’

Last week, rising four-piece band from Merseyside, More In Luv, came back with their latest offering  – their second single of the year, Like You. Making waves within the industry since their emergence onto the music scene last year, with the release of their debut track Maybe All I Wanted (Demo); More In Luv are an exciting new indie-pop band who are firmly placing their mark on the scene with their unforgettable hooks and ear-catching choruses. The latest taste of their ever developing sound and artistry; Like You ­features a vibrant and glimmering soundscape, filled with dazzling indie pop melodies, catchy guitar lines and rhythmic percussive beats, that seamlessly blend with soft and ambient vocals to make for a perfect new laid-back summer anthem. 


Dolly Ave – ‘Play With It’

The follow on from her debut album Sleep, released earlier this year; today, Vietnamese-American lo-fi artist Dolly Ave is back with the release of her brand new single Play With It alongside some stunning new visuals that feature viral TikTok star Charlie Curtis-Beard. Showcasing a new side to the rising star’s sonic palette, Play With It delivers a vibrant and flirtatious up-beat pop production that is perfectly paired with Dolly’s honey vocals. Linking back up with Charlie Curtis-Beard following their 2020 collaboration on Sunlight, Quiet, Flowers; Charlie’s playful rap verse and lyricism adds a new layer and energy to the track, his vocals seamlessly interlinking with Dolly’s. And coming together for some pastel-tinged visuals, we see the pair’s onscreen chemistry continue to shine through.  

““I wanted to write a fun song that didn’t take myself too seriously and showcase a different side of me,”


Natalie Shay – ‘Medicine Boy’

Continuing her artistic rise, North London indie-pop artist Natalie Shay came back last week with her latest new single, Medicine Boy. Going from strength to strength with her vibrant brand of up-tempo artistry, Medicine Boy brings us further into her sonic world as we see her comparing a dysfunctional relationship with a boy, to a drug, through her skilled and relatable lyricism. Capturing the essence of a bittersweet relationship, Medicine Boy is filled with a mass of gleaming synths and addictive pop beats to create a vibrant and unforgettable soundscape. A perfect new addition to her growing sonic collection, Medicine Boy will no doubt be a bold and glimmering summer anthem. 

“The lyrics are written so that if I told you the whole song was about an addictive relationship, it would make sense. But if I also told you the whole song was about recreational drug use, every line would still make sense. I was very stuck in my own head and emotions at the time of writing, it was an uncertain time and I’d been doing a lot of thinking and growing up.” 


Shannon Dooks – ‘Doubts’

Adding a stunning visual element to the release of her earlier 2021 single Doubts, the follow-up to her 2014 self-titled debut EP; Canadian born artist Shannon Dooks delivered a brand new music video to accompany the single ahead of her forthcoming sophomore album, Do It Again – set for release later this summer. Shot and directed by Nick Posthumus (Midnight Vesta), the video delivers a stunning and cinematic experience that makes for a perfect counterpart to the track, as we see Shannon move seamlessly across a variety of settings and emotions. Relatable and heartfelt, the video ultimately captures the private moments of a woman going through a breakup and delivers elements of humour and light-heartedness alongside the more sombre note of real heartache. 

“Doubts is a song about feeling like you’re on a precipice of massive change in a particular relationship in your life, while also trying to maintain a certain level of optimism. It’s a misleading song if you’re not listening to the words cause it sounds pretty cheerful, cute and sweet, however, when you listen to the words you start to realize that not everything is butterflies and roses. That marriage of uplifting musical tones contrasted with the lyrical content is exactly like that feeling you get when you know something is off, but you kinda don’t want to admit it yet. It’s that feeling of constantly putting in effort into the relationship and each broken promise is that much more devastating as it goes on and then you finally reach a breaking point…. “don’t write, don’t text, don’t call, don’t do anything at all….””