Mitch$$$ releases smooth new single ‘sixth phase’ ft. Joshua

Mitch$$$, Joshua and producer Bad One, all members of the buzzing 9-piece collective seeyousoon, have teamed up to release the dreamy new single ‘sixth phase’. The track sees a chilled melodic instrumental featuring nuanced percussion and electronic textures, over which Mitch$$$ and Joshua deliver smooth hip-hop bars and introspective lyricism. 

Mitch$$$ says of the new release: “The push and pull of relationships and life can be closely compared to the different phases of the moon, the sixth phase of the moon also known as the “Waning Gibbous” is a phase when the tides are low. This means that the sun and moons gravitational pulls on the tide cancel each other out, at times it can seem hopeless or forgotten, only for a moment. Looking for answers is a theme on this record, during times of uncertainty reflecting and holding onto the things we love are our anchors.” 

Mitch$$$ is a hip-hop artist born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He states that his greatest musical inspiration is drawn from two of hip-hop’s most pivotal works: Nas’s ‘Stillmatic‘ and Kanye West’s ‘808’s and Heartbreaks’. Over time, these emblematic pieces of music have incited themes of morality, pathos, adversity and resilience within Mitch$$$’s writing. His new single ‘sixth phase’ presents this through an utterly irresistible chill-hop groove. 

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