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MNERVA drops alt-rock track ‘Sorry (Forget About Me)’

MNERVA has dropped a new banger that comes in the form of a rock anthem. Melodically infectious vocals upon an angsty Alt-Rock charged backdrop provide the perfect combination for a summer banger. After writing the verses with TikTok star Katie MAC, MNERVA collaborated with producer Austin Shawn, pushing genres and sounds together, and within this track we can hear elements of R&B and Hip Hop.

Talking about the new track, MNERVA reveals: “Sorry (Forget About Me) is a song I’ve been trying to get right for seven years. It was originally called “I Went Away” and was about me escaping a toxic relationship by running away to Nashville. The song’s original chorus was centered around the lyric “I just can’t wait til you forget about me” and I always knew I wanted to take that idea and transform it into a new track. But sadly, every time I tried to re-write it over the years, the songs just weren’t good enough and I scrapped the idea until the beginning of last year when I finally made amends with my ex-girlfriend after we cut all contact for half a decade. With this new perspective, Sorry (Forget About Me) came together very quickly!”

Originally hailing from Germantown, Maryland, MNERVA moved to Nashville in 2015 to hone his craft and debuted as a hip hop artist in early 2020 after going viral by writing a jukebox musical based on the catalogue of Twenty One Pilots. The COVID-19 pandemic made him think retrospectively, as he came to terms with his rock background he also opened up with mental health struggles. The result was his debut EP, Talk Too Much.

Whilst his back catalogue is amazing, ‘Sorry (Forget About Me)’ marks a new era for MNERVA and we can’t wait to see where he heads next.

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