Morgan Houston blurs the boundaries of genre on her new track ‘Distorted’

Morgan Houston’s vocals are soulful and luscious and her songwriting is no different. The Australian artist gets personal, tackling the realities of love that we can often choose to ignore. With hints of folk music and powerful, emotional choruses that hit hard- Morgan is proving that her songwriting voice is not one to be ignored.

Discussing the track further, Morgan Houston reveals:Distorted has a special place in my heart as it recounts the purposelessness I felt after losing someone that I put on a pedestal for years. For me, it encapsulates an indulgent denial or stubborn refusal to admit that love can drastically distort your perception of another person. The anthemic repetition of ‘Whatever it is, I don’t want it without you’ represents this horrible, painful time in my life where nothing seemed exciting or valuable if it didn’t involve this other person.”

Morgan’s hypnotic melodies are sure to be a hit with pop fans and anybody who loves a power ballad and it’s no surprise that she’s won the hearts of fans the world over.

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