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Today, singer-songwriter Ada Morghe is back, with brand new music to start the weekend off right, with the release of her brand new single; Water Lilies. With jazzy, soulful vibes, Ada’s sound and vocals give off a classic, and truly stunning energy. Ahead of her brand new release, we sat down with the singer, who is also a talented actress, scriptwriter and children’s author; to chat about the single, her journey so far and her upcoming album, Box, dropping later this summerSo make sure to check out her latest single, and keep on reading for the full interview below. 

TSU: Hi Ada, how have you been? 

AM: I am good, thank you very much. 

TSU: Tell me a bit about how you first got started in music? 

AM: I started playing the piano when I was six, but for a very long time it was my hidden treasure, my soul reliever. I wrote my first song “unspoken” only six years ago. Since then I´ve written many other songs, it feels like all the melodies have been within in me for a very long time waiting for the moment when I would be ready to let them out in the world. The song “unspoken” was also the door opener for my professional music career. Three years ago, I wrote the script and played in the movie “Frau Mutter Tier”. The film composer knew that I was writing songs and asked me if they could listen to all of them. Then they chose “unspoken” for the soundtrack and introduced me to Hans-Martin Buff, the producer of my first and second album. 

TSU: Can you talk to us more about your new single Water Lilies

AM: “Water lilies” goes back to a very intense love story. Right at the start of our relationship I knew it would end in tears and pain, but I was addicted to the high peaks of our passion. When I wrote the song, I had the image of water lilies on the ground — something beautiful but “doomed from the beginning”. 

TSU: Water Lilies is off your upcoming album, Box. What was the inspiration behind the album title? 

AM: The album title refers to the song “Box” which I wrote together with Andrew Roachford. It’s about all the different roles and personalities we carry inside us and which are usually not seen by others. It´s about the freedom to think beyond borders, to be open minded for each other and not to let others limit you in your expressions and dreams. This is what I like my album to stand for. 

TSU: What can you tell us about the inspiration behind Box; and what we can expect from the album thematically and musically? 

AM: “Box” is a very personal album. It’s about finding your own way in the world and the power and possibility to always turn your life in a different direction. It’s about trusting yourself and not to be afraid of trying out new things and facing your fears. If I’d have to find an overall slogan for the album, it would be: “Step out of your comfort zone, so you can see the beauty of life in all its different colours”. 

TSU: Box is your sophomore album; with your debut album, Pictures, being released last year. What are some of the ways in which Box will differ to Pictures? And with Box being your second album; how did the writing and creative process differ this time around (if at all)? 

AM: “Box” is in many ways different to my first album. The songs are more personal and I explored myself further with the range of different genres. “Box” is musically wider with influences from Jazz, Pop, Funk and Soul. I also started writing with other artists which was new to me and very inspiring. For the recordings my producer and I were looking for a studio that allows us to fully concentrate on the recordings without daily life distractions. That’s why we chose Peter Gabriel´s “Real World Studios”, settled in the countryside away from London. We spend almost a week together full of pure creativity. 

TSU: You kicked off the new album with the release of the first single off of the project – Oh my Love – last month; and followed it up with some stunning visuals. Tell me a bit about the music video, and where the inspiration for that came from? 

AM: “Oh my love” is a love letter to the air that for me stands for spirituality, creativity and freedom. The song is a tribute to life. That’s why I was looking for images that express lightness and the feeling of being connected to the world. I created the video only with private moments that for me underline the magic of life. 

TSU: Being an incredibly creative person – from actress to scriptwriter to author to singer; how do your other creative outlets and artistic processes influence your song writing and performing? 

AM: Maya Angelou says: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it, the more it grows.” This quote helped me to not only accept but worship the gift of being able to express myself in different ways. I’ve been told many times that I should focus on one way, but I realized that I limited myself as an artist. Every idea is already in the world. The soul of a song, a book or an art piece chooses its parents. I just happen to be the mother of many different children, which can be pretty exhausting but also very inspiring. The actress and my knowledge of the importance of timing inspires the singer and the writer and my passion for rhythm inspires the songwriting. Everything is connected, but it´s all coming together in the music. 

TSU: In addition to music, writing and acting; what are some of your other creative outlets? 

AM: I love doing pottery – it’s my kind of “yoga”, because I am only concentration on shaping forms out of the clay. I also love making collages out of words, drawings, sketches just anything that crosses my mind. Creating something without following a plan or the purpose to achieve a finished “product” is my soul food. 

“Every idea is already in the world.”

Ada Morghe

TSU: What are the main things you want listeners to take away from your music? 

AM: We all have songs that remind us of specific situations. It’s like the soundtrack of our life. I wish my music to be part of people’s life, entertaining or making them dance, hopefully leaving them with inspiration and positive vibes. 

TSU: Where do you see yourself heading musically over the next year or two? 

AM: It’s hard to say, but I am sure I will be a step closer to where I am now.

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