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Music Chats: AHI

Hailing from Ontario, soulful artist AHI has been capturing the attention of listeners since his debut onto the music scene back in 2015; having since racked up an impressive 25+ million streams on Spotify alone. Delivering some fantastic releases over the past year, he has most recently released his latest new album, Prospectwhich he dropped last month. A bold and expansive record, delivering on the promise of his first two critically acclaimed records, Prospect showcases AHI’s captivating and immersive sound; highlighting the raw power of his gravel-on-silk vocals. Following on from the release, we caught up with AHI to chat about the record and plans for the year ahead. 

“At the end of the day, I just want to use my voice to help other people find theirs. I want to help people find meaning and purpose and fulfilment. I want to reassure them that they’re not alone.”

TSU: Hey AHI, how have you been?

AHI: I’ve been great. thank you!

TSU: Getting into music, do you remember the first moment when you realized this was what you wanted to be doing as a career?

AHI: When my daughter turned one. I was already making and recording music, but it wasn’t the only thing  I was doing on and I definitely career focused. But when she turned one something just clicked.

TSU: With a really soulful and sentimental sound running through your music, what emotions do you find yourself tapping into when writing and creating music. 

AHI: It’s all about honesty for me. I just want the music to feel honest and like something you can relate to.  

TSU: Do you have any rituals or processes when gearing up for a new release and preparing to have a new piece of music out in the world?

AHI: As an independent artist with my own label, it’s all work. I don’t know if I have time for rituals. But there is definitely a process and I’m usually just focused on all the behind the scene technical things that go into release that the average label artist doesn’t have to think about.

TSU: Following on from the release of your latest single, Say It To Me, you’ve just dropped your album Prospect; congratulations! What can listeners expect from the project, and what was your mindset when approaching this album?

AHI: Prospect is going to feel completely familiar but simultaneously like nothing you’ve heard before.

TSU: How would you say, if at all, that your album was influenced by the pandemic and the experiences we’ve all had over the past year and a half?

AHI: I was supposed to record my record before the lockdowns happened and when I was unable to record it I went back into my own studio and wrote more songs, one of which was Say It To Me.

TSU: Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

AHI: Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill and 2Pac

TSU: What are the main things you want people to take away from your music?

AHI: I want them to feel reassured, uplifted and connected. I want them to know they’re not alone on this world.

TSU: When it comes to future music, what can we expect? Do you have anyone that you’d like to collaborate with, or sounds you’re looking to experiment with?

AHI: Same thing but better. I’m always growing and learning as a musician, so I only expect better songs.  I really want to collaborate with songwriter that are not afraid to touch on real human emotions and experience.  I’m not interested in chasing the charts, just wanna make real music.

TSU: What’s next for you, and what are you most excited for?

AHI: My heading Prospect Tour is coming in 2022 and I’m super excited about that!


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