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Producer and singer-songwriter from Dallas, Barret Turner, has just released his latest single, Always You, ft. Will Jay. Following on from his previous, debut single On Purpose; Always You relates to someone feeling lost and finding themselves while realizing that that they had it inside them all along. Following the release of the single, we sat down with Barret to chat about the single and his plans for the rest of 2020. So keep on reading for the full interview down below!

TSU: Releasing your debut single, On Purpose, earlier this year; tell me about your musical journey so far, and what encouraged you to pursue a career in music.

BT: My musical journey has been pretty quiet looking from the outside but dang from the inside its been a journey haha. I’m just excited to finally start something. I’ve been trying to start this full on since I was about 20. There were opportunity’s that came to me and in the end it was my fault for pursuing them, so far its going way better as an independent. I love music, that’s what encourages me. I just enjoy it and I really want to do something I truly enjoy.

TSU: How would you describe your style in three words?

BT: Sad Panda, Inspiring, deep.. Sad panda is what my friends used to call me because well they thought I looked like a sad panda because my eyes droop. But when I started thinking about it that’s exactly the style of music I make. Pandas make people happy but a sad one well you get the idea. I feel like my music brings joy and deep thoughts.

TSU: Such an incredible track; what made you decide to release Oh Purpose as your debut single?

BT: My friend who has been in a successful band for years told me “Put out the best one out of the gates” And I listened. On Purpose might not be the best but I felt it was really strong it was the one I personally always wanted to listen to in the car.

TSU: Last week, you just released your second track, Always You, featuring Will Jay. Tell me about the creative process and inspiration behind the track.

BT: That song is really old, years ago it was on one of my first albums that was never released. The song was called “ENCORE” I wrote the words about my friends mom passing from cancer. I loved the chords of the song and I wanted to re vamp it with how I write music now. When Will got his hands on it, the idea vocally changed but now I feel it’s about my friends journey after his mom’s passing. Everyone thinks it’s about someone I’ve been in love with in the past. No its deeper then that, It’s as deep as it gets.

TSU: Collaborating with Will Jay on your second single, what was that process like? Can we expect more collaborations and features from you on future releases, and are there any artists you’re particularly keen to collaborate with?

BT: Will was so easy and nice to work with. I really respect him as an entertainer and song writer, that’s why I reached out to him. He has a song called Home Sick that I’m still upset with. I try to find real emotional voices Will for sure has that.

TSU: Always You has a really unique and vibrant sound and melody. What was the inspiration behind the instrumentation on the track? 

BT: Piano was the inspiration, It started with the chords from my old song Encore like I said previously, someone once joked the chords sound like a really popular 70s band. I’m not going to share the band because when I play a show one day I’m going to mash the song up with mine and I want people to be excited haha. I really like the intro and the drop melody. I put a vocal and a few random saxophone sounds together and I remember being really excited because it was my first time making some type of vocal chop melody.

TSU: Where do you see yourself heading, musically, over the next year?

BT: I’m not sure, but I’m pushing to just keep going up. I’m not going to stop the train I’m just going to keep putting music out until it catches on.. and if it doesn’t well I’m just glad to be doing what I’m doing.

TSU: As an artist who is just beginning on their musical journey; during this unexpected and unprecedented year, what’s been one positive you’ve experienced or learnt?

BT: Well this musical journey has been going on since I was 16 but this year. Ill be honest this year gave me time. I was able to plan as well to my knowledge. Videos lyric videos songs in place planned out. I’m not a good planner. I needed the time. I haven’t felt any personal negative I just hate seeing it everywhere.

TSU: Music is such a creative and expressive venture and career avenue. What is the main thing you want people to take from your music and story?

BT: I know! Sometimes it gets in my head. I’m actually a very shy person and I sometimes don’t know if I’m making the right choice investing this music, time, and effort into this.. But then i stop and know I’m on the right path. I don’t really know what I want people to take from it yet. I feel like that’s going to come in time when people reach out telling me their thoughts on the song and how it helped them. All my songs are inspirational, they might be sad but they have a happy ending at the end. I just want people to listen and really think about how lucky we are to be alive and think about what truly matters. That’s what I do when I listen and make the songs

TSU: What is your main goal as an artist for 2021?

BT: Reflect on what has already happened, and start playing shows.

To keep up with Barret, and all his latest and upcoming new releases; find him on all his socials @barret_turner

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