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Music Chats: Birthh

With another incredible release earlier this year; while in quarantine, we sat down with the talented singer songwriter Alice Bisi (aka BIRTHH), to chat about music, journey so far and her latest release – her sophomore album, Woah. With stunning folksy and etherial indie-pop vibes, layered beneath beautifully poetic lyrics; Birthh’s sound is an eclectic mix of assorted harmonies and emotion, and her latest album Woah is no exception. Reminiscent of artists such as Bon Iver and St. Vincent; BIRTHH’s stunning harmonies and mellow vibes are for a perfect edition to your playlists! So go and give Woah (and the rest of BIRTHH’s discography) a listen here; and keep on reading for the full interview with the talented singer.

TSU: What would you say is the most important thing people should know about your music, and you as an artist?

BIRTHH: That I think my music sounds better on a warm breezy sunny day.

TSU: Since last September, you’ve been recording your latest music in New York. What made you choose to head to New York, and how has this influenced your writing and recording process?

BIRTHH: There’s a fascinatingly frantic energy in New York that I haven’t really found anywhere else, it’s interesting cause I think it matches mine somehow and it definitely helps the flow in my creative process.

TSU: Where do you find you get most of your inspiration from?

BIRTHH: I get inspiration from everything around me, I think there is a lot of depth and complexity everywhere, even in the simplest things.

TSU: You’ve already been busy this year, releasing your latest album – Woah, along with two singles off of the project. What would you say is your favourite track off the album?

BIRTHH: My favourite track of the album is definitely Ultraviolet, Ivy’s verse is probably my favourite part of the album.

TSU: Were there any songs off of Woah that nearly didn’t make it onto the album? Do you find choosing which tracks make it onto a final project a difficult choice?

BIRTHH: I think human stuff was really close to not being included, it was by far the most difficult song to arrange and produce and took a lot of work and time to get it to the point I felt it needed to be. I’m happy I persevered though!

TSU: So Woah is your second album, with the first being Born in the Woods which you released in 2016. How would you say the two albums differ, and what would you say is the biggest difference?

BIRTHH: I think I’ve grown up a lot as a person during those 4 years, I’ve changed a lot as a person and I think that influenced my music a lot. 

TSU: One of your tracks off of Woah, Ultraviolet, features the talented rapper Ivy Sole. How was it working with her? Did you find it was a natural fit to have her feature on the track?

BIRTHH: Ivy is such a talented and lovely person, the first time I heard her verse she came to Quad and just sang it to us in the control room before tracking. She really tailored her words to the beat in a lovely way.

TSU: It’s an interesting mix to have a rap verse feature in Ultraviolet; although you and Ivy blend incredibly well together. What made you deicide to feature that verse on the track, and can you see yourself working with more rappers in the future?

BIRTHH: I grew up listening to a lot of rap and hip hop, it’s part of who I am as a music lover and part of who I am as an artist, recently I made the beat and sang the hook in Kahiem Rivera’s Good Winter, he’s such a great communicator and lyricist, you should definitely check him out.

TSU: Are there any other artists you plan to, or would love to, work with in the future?

BIRTHH: Yeah so many, I’m not saying anything for now though cause I don’t wanna jinx it!

TSU: When writing music, are there ever any topics or feelings that are off limits, that you wont allow yourself to write about; or do you take the inspiration and emotions as they come?

BIRTHH: I try to be as open and as honest as I can, I think that part of being an artist is about challenging myself and finding a way out of hard times through writing. It’s never easy but life isn’t necessarily easy to navigate anyway so at least I’m trying. 

TSU: Your album artwork is also incredibly sunning and very artistic. Do they hold any particular significance or meaning?

BIRTHH: I think this question should be answered by the artist behind it, so I sent a text to Anna Magni (@annama00101)  and this is what she said: “To me WHOA is crazy cause it’s got a double significance, it’s very real but at the same time extremely evanescent and ethereal. To me music and images should coexist in harmony, I think that artworks and pictures should be considered as a book cover: they should give the reader/listener an idea of what story will be told or simply summarise a part of it. Your [my] feet in the air, and the exclamation Whoa are that part.

TSU: Out of your entire discography, which track would you say is the most reflective of you and your music?

BIRTHH: I would say maybe Draw or Yello/Concrete, but truly all of them are a little part of me and who I am, at least for now.

Truly a pleasure to chat to BIRTHH; make sure to head over to your favourite streaming platform and give her a listen!

Keep up to date with BIRTHH on social media: @woabirthh

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