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Music Chats: Cassie Dasilva

Back with the release of her debut EP, Enoughout today; rising Canadian pop artist Cassie Dasilva is delivering the latest taste of her exciting sound and style and the next step in her musical journey. A stunning 6-track record, that features previous releases such as Unsolicited Contact and I Don’t Trust Anyone AnymoreEnough is a seamless collection of songs that focus on the universal and relatable narratives of relationships; exploring both dealing with a breakups and finding love. Independently released and created with an all-female production team, this is the first of many exciting new projects we can expect from the talented artists in the years and months to come. 

“Enough is a collection of songs that focuses on relationships and explores both dealing with a breakup and being in love. I understand that, thematically, the two don’t go together, but I’ve found in my experience that love and heartbreak aren’t sequential. They’re not always independent of one another, and it’s entirely possible to experience feelings of heartbreak, anger and frustration, while completely falling in love with someone new. I know, because that’s my story”

Ahead of the release, we sat down with Cassie to chat all about the EP, her influences and journey so far. Keep on reading for the full interview below: 

TSU: Tell me a bit about your journey in music so far?

CD: I’ve been playing piano since I was six, and started writing poems and songs since grade school, but didn’t start performing my own songs until high school. I actually started out in folk music, and ended up going to recording school in Vancouver to learn more about the industry and the recording process. After that I gigged and busked anywhere I could around Vancouver, and started co-writing and doing song camps and fell in love with writing pop songs. I moved back home to Ontario, signed a major label development deal, where I released a couple of songs before eventually parting ways. Since then I’ve been releasing music independently!

TSU: What was it that inspired you to head into the music industry?

CD: I have always used music as a form of therapy– whether it be through the songs I listened to, or the songs I wrote. Music has always helped me process whatever I’m going through, helped me sort through my thoughts, and has given me a way to make something good out of whatever isn’t quite going right. I fell in love with performing my songs and connecting with audiences for similar reasons. I think what I love most is that music connects people, and even though I’m a solo artist, it has helped me to feel less alone through those connections- whether it be with other songwriters, producers, or the people and audiences who relate to my lyrics.

TSU: Do you have any moments in your career so far that stand out as being particularly special, poignant or significant?

CD: I think the most special moment so far has been shooting the video for my song “Unsolicited Contact”. It was my first shoot since the demise of my major label deal, and I had been preparing for it for such a long time. I did so much of the work for it myself. I dreamt up the video, worked with my sister on the choreography, hand-made the props, booked the site, brought together an entirely female & non-binary crew, and did it all for a song that felt new and special for me. Being on set that day felt completely surreal, and incredibly rewarding. One of the proudest moments of my life!

TSU: You’re just about to release your debut EP, Enough; congratulations! How does it feel to have your first extended project out in the world?

CD: Thank you! I’ve been dreaming of this release since the day I started playing music, so it feels incredible to finally get it out there. It’s also been so amazing to see the support that has already come through for the singles I’ve released already. I’m proud of the fact that I haven’t rushed the process, or released things too soon. I really wanted to take the time to be honest and wholly myself. I hope that resonates with people!

TSU: Tell us a bit about the creative process behind Enough.

CD: I wanted this project to feel really honest, and true to me. I decided early on that I wasn’t going to try to sound like anything in particular, but rather just make songs that felt good… songs that I’d want to scream in the car with my friends, or on a late night drive. If they felt good to me, they were good enough– and if they feel good to other people, well that’s a cherry on top. Lyrically, I’ve been inspired by writers like Taylor Swift, Matthew Koma, Julia Michaels, & Alec Benjamin– artists who are incredibly detailed and vulnerable in their lyrics, so I tried to push myself to do the same. 

TSU: Is there any particular track on the EP that stands out for you, or you particularly connect with?

CD: All of the songs are special to me, because I write from such a personal place and writing each song helped me through that particular situation in life. I think “Enough” stands out quite a bit because it’s the only love song on an otherwise breakup-centric EP. I thought it was important to include it because I experienced and processed a lot of my heartbreak and frustration at a time where I was completely falling for and happy with somebody new. I think it was important to show the fact that despite everything, I’ve been able to come out on the other side and find happiness.

TSU: The EP was created with an all-female production team which is incredible! What was it that made you really want to have an all female team alongside you for this project?

CD: Prior to releasing music independently, I’d only really been afforded the opportunity to work with males. I knew I wanted to shake things up for myself, and that I was going to be getting really honest in my writing, and I thought it would be helpful to have my particular perspective on the industry as a female, and as a writer, mirrored in those I was working most closely with to create the soundscape of this EP. That decision ended up trickling down into every aspect of the project– all female video crews, all female team members…It’s been pretty incredible and fulfilling.

TSU: What has been the biggest thing you’ve learnt about yourself as an artist through creating Enough?

CD: I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is to trust my own gut and my own instincts. It’s been so incredibly freeing to have full creative control over this project, but also stressful at times when I’ve longed for a bit of guidance. I think what I’ve figured out is that everyone is just guessing and nobody truly knows what’s going to land until it does, so the most important thing is to be authentic and true to yourself, and the rest will follow if you do.

TSU: What is your favourite way to listen to your music, and music in general?

CD: I love listening to music in the car… I listen to all of my demos in the car, every single mix, and every single master. If a song doesn’t hit right in the car, then it’s not right. So many of my favourite music discoveries, ideas, and memories happened in a car! 

TSU: Your stunning 2018 single Seasons Greetings was used as part of the soundtrack to the Christmas movie ‘Christmas Wedding Planner’. What was that like hearing your song being played in a movie, and can you see yourself doing more similar projects like that in the future?

CD: It was really neat to see that song resonating with people. I wrote it with my cousin in mind who celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah. I wanted her to have a song that recognized that it’s not about what you celebrate over the winter holidays, but rather who you celebrate it with. I’d love to do more placements in the future, of course!

TSU: Where do you see yourself heading over the next year?

CD: Now that we can do shows again, I’d love to go on tour so I can get out and play these songs IRL! I’m also writing more music and can’t wait to share what’s next, but for now, I’m going to bask in this release for a little!! 

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