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Music Chats: Elliot Kings

Last month, 17-year-old Dutch DJ/Producer Elliot Kings delivered his brand new single Frozen In Time; a track that truly brings you back to the ‘Golden Era’ of EDM. Hailing from a musical family, Kings began his journey at an early age when he started producing music on his laptop. Honing and developing his craft over the years, Kings’ sound is distinctive and recognizable with the way he fuses together dance-inspired melodies and modern pop vocals to create vibrant and captivating dance-led tracks that are filled with emotion and addictive beats. Continuing to build upon and refresh his own sound and style; following his emergence onto the music scene last year, Frozen In Time sees Kings deliver the latest in his incredible series of releases that he has already graced us with this year and he shows no signs of slowing down. Following the release, we sat down with the talented newcomer to chat about the new single, his journey so far and what we can expect from him next. So keep on reading for the full interview down below. 

TSU: How are you, how has 2021 been going so far?

EK: I’m doing great! This year for me has been really exciting, I made and released a lot of cool music already, and I met a lot of new inspiring people!

TSU: Emerging onto the music scene last year; for those who are getting to know you and your music, can you tell us about your journey so far?

EK: I started making music when I was 13 years old and I always had the dream to perform and inspire people with my music.It all started for fun but after my first 2 years of producing music things became a bit more serious, I started doing writing sessions with other artists where I learned a lot of things from that I still use till this day. When I was 15 years old, I applied for the Herman Brood Academy and got accepted! The Herman Brood Academy is a school for talented music producers, people like Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan, Mesto and many more also went there!

When I was 16 years old I released my first song called: ‘Something About You’ and now I just released my new song: ‘Frozen In Time’ with my buddy’s Arlow and Introspect on one of the biggest EDM label’s in the world Spinnin’ Records // Spinnin Next!The song already got supported by Afrojack, Mike Williams and Lucas & Steve so that’s a real dream coming true!

TSU: You recently released your latest single Frozen In Time earlier this month! How did the track come about and what was that creative process like?

EK: Everyday at my school we get time to go in the studio and make new songs, one time I was going through some old projects and I came across a song which had the first idea of the vocal for Frozen In Time. I really liked it and thought my classmate Arlow would also like it. When I shared the idea with Arlow he loved it, and he immediately started working on the song. When we had our first version of the song, we contacted Introspect and asked if he could sing on it! When we had the finished product, we sent the track to the AR of Spinnin’ and they liked the track, and now the track finally came out!

TSU: How do you feel having this new single out in the world?

EK: It is so surreal for me to be releasing a song on Spinnin’ Records, 4 years ago I was watching my idols release there and now I have a release and a video clip there so it’s really crazy to see how these dreams come true.

TSU: With such an addictive and vibrant instrumental that is perfect for the upcoming summer months, can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the instrumentation on Frozen In Time?

EK: Arlow and I were listening to a lot of EDM from 2014 and some nostalgic hits from that time and we wanted that to be reflected in the production that we made together. Our goal with this instrumental was to make people feel nostalgic and energized!

TSU: Featuring on the track is fellow vocalist and EDM producer Introspect. What was it like working together?

EK: It was really cool! We haven’t met in real life, but that didn’t affect the songwriting. Arlow and I had sent a DM via Instagram to ask if he wanted to collaborate on the song, and he liked it, so I started writing the lyrics with him and after 3 days we had the final vocal!

TSU: Can you tell us a bit about your overall creative process – or does it differ a lot from project to project?

EK: Every song that I made started a different way but most of the time  I just put myself behind my laptop and make music depending on the way I feel at that time, or I try to process a certain emotion in a song, such as with Frozen In Time: Nostalgia and energetic.

TSU: What are your main goals and visions when it comes to your music?

EK: My main goal is to inspire as many people as possible to do the things they love and really go after their dreams as well and make as many people happy with my music! I also hope to collaborate with bigger artists in the future and sign record deals with my dream labels.

TSU: What are you most looking forward to as the world starts to open and we can hopefully get back to live shows?

EK: The most I’m looking forward to is to connect again with more people and fans and when it’s possible, to perform my music at festivals and clubs! My artist career started in the pandemic, so I think it would be insane to see people reacting to my music in real life at a festival for example!

TSU: Already releasing an incredible series of singles so far this year; what can we expect from you next, and are there any plans for an extended record in the works?

EK: I have been making a lot of music, so you can definitely expect more music from me this year. I’m currently making a lot of pop music, so I’m really excited to release those songs this summer. Right now, I am not focusing on making an album at the moment, I’m just putting out single’s and hopefully some acoustic versions and remixes of my songs, but an album would be so fun to release in the future!


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