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Today; South African pop Singer-songwriter, Filipa, is back with the release of her new single, Do Something. With unapologetic honesty and candour; the track sees Filipa talk of the confusion one can feel when the other person in the relationship shows no decision-making intentions about their feelings or commitment. With a low tempo and catchy melody, the song is addictive, relatable, and one you will definitely want to have on repeat. Along with the single; Filipa’s also set to release a brand new music video, and some stunning quarantine visuals, to go along with the track. Prior to the single release, we got to sit down with the talented singer to chat about the new track, music and what’s next!

TSU: Tell me a bit about how you first got started in music? 

Filipa: Growing up, music was my first love. I used to listen to all types of music (from Andrea Bocelli to Britney Spears) and it gave me so much joy. I was always putting on a show for my family and friends and soon realized that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. From then on, I started taking voice lessons, I entered singing competitions and then started writing and recording original music. 

TSU: What is something about your music that fans and new listeners should know? 

Filipa: I love to get very personal with my music and I share a ton of detail about my experiences. I see my fans like my best friends and want to share my feelings with them. I love creating a connection through my music. 

TSU: You just released your new single, “Do Something”, which is an incredible and really addictive track! What was the inspiration for the song’s sound and melody? 

Filipa: Thank you so much for that! The concept behind the song (the mood and the story) really helped with the sound and melody. It all developed simultaneously and I think the music and the lyrics work really well together. 

TSU: Your first release of the year; how does Do Something fit into your wider discography, and artistic sound/vibe going forward? 

Filipa: I think that “Do Something” still reflects my style lyrically (super honest and conversational), but my sound is developing constantly and leaning towards a more mature place. 

TSU: You’re also releasing a brand new music video for Do Something, which has a really fun and relaxed energy, and compliments the track really well!  Tell me a bit more about the video and the whole process behind it? 

Filipa: Thank you, I’m glad you think so! The video was all shot in my childhood home during the lockdown on an iPhone. I was super nervous to be shooting my own video, but it was honestly so fun and I ended up loving the outcome. I wanted it to be raw and almost have a “FaceTime”, “selfie” type of look and feel, which would also give it a personal and intimate touch. It was edited by the talented Kyle White, who I’ve worked with for many years.

TSU: How have you found it, being creative during these crazy COVID times? What have been the biggest changes to your creative process? 

Filipa: It’s been difficult dealing with life in general during this pandemic. Admittedly, my plans for the year were altered completely – whose weren’t? I was planning on going back to LA to write and record new music along with completing a final Summer semester at Harvard but ended up doing it from SA. Not the same thing, but I still got to complete the college semester online and have been recording, writing and creating content online too. It’s been a new adjustment, but thanks to technology, and I’ve been fortunate to have access to it, I still got to create. So, like for most artists out there, still having that opportunity is wonderful. However, not being able to be face-to-face with your fans and feel the vibe of live gigs, not being able to travel and meet with people physically, has been the hardest, I think, for everyone, not just me.

TSU: For new listeners, what’s the first track of yours they should listen to? 

Filipa: Hmm… “Do Something”. Just because it’s the track that’s most reflective of where I am now as an artist and it gives one a good idea of my musical style. 

TSU: What would you say is the best way to listen to your music; and in particular, your new track “Do Something”? 

Filipa: Definitely in your car or on headphones. I personally love listening to music on full volume to make sure I hear every little detail and feel the beat. So, take a listen on full volume and enjoy! 

TSU: What are three essentials for you when it comes to songwriting? 

Filipa: A great concept (something I really want to talk about at the moment), vulnerability, so there are no obstacles to pouring out your feelings, and, if in a collaboration, there must be musical and professional chemistry from the onset.

TSU: What can we expect next from you, and for the rest of 2020? 

Filipa: I’m working on some other great projects that I hope will be completed super soon. I can’t share details right now, but loads of new music is definitely on the cards.

An absolute pleasure chat to Filipa, she is most certainly one of this years “one to watch”, with great things and fantastic new music on the horizon! So make sure to keep up with her journey and all her latest new music releases; and find her on social media @Filipamusic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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