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Today, Norwegian pop singer-songwriter Hanne Leland is back with a brand new four-track EP, After Rain. Known for her stunning melodies and entrancing vocals, After Rain is the follow up to a series of singles released earlier this year. Written and co-produced by Hanne during lockdown, and filled with depth and emotion; the EP gives off a mix of up-tempo pop beats alongside some stunning etherial ballads. Ahead of the EP release, we caught up with Hanne to chat in more depth about the record and her journey so far. So keep on reading for the full interview down below.

TSU: Tell me a bit about how you got started on your musical journey?

HL: I started out really young, singing into the hairbrush in my room, hehe. As a kid I jumped on every opportunity I could get to perform, and I started writing my own songs (very childish ones) when I was about 10. As soon as I was old enough, I started booking my own studio sessions, and travelled to Nashville to start working on my songs with various producers. 

TSU: What does music, and being a creative, mean to you?

HL: Writing songs is my way of expressing myself, I’m addicted to it, and deeply fascinated by it. I hear music in my head constantly, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also love getting to use my creativity in other ways, such as designing merch, putting together a show, and creating music and lyric videos.

TSU: How have you, as an artist, dealt with the changing and uncertain landscape of the music industry curing this Covid era?

HL: At first, it was a little bit of a shock as I had to cancel all my plans. Luckily, I have a home studio set up, so I’ve been able to work on and record new music. I’ve learned so much these past 6 months, and I believe I’ve become a better songwriter and producer than I was pre Corona. I’ve realized that I can’t control everything (I’m a control freak), so I’m just doing what I can do, which is write, record and release new music. I’ve accepted that touring and travelling will have to wait. The most important thing right now is to protect myself and others from the virus.

TSU: You’re just about to release your newest project – a four-track EP, After Rain. Congratulations!! Written earlier this year during lockdown; what was that whole process like, and how would you say that lockdown and 2020 influenced the outcome of the EP

HL: Yessss, and thank you!! I wrote the EP on my own, in my living room, in my PJ’s hehe. It was a beautiful experience creating this project on my own, from start to finish. It was also quite frustrating at times, as I didn’t have anyone I could turn to when I was stuck. But I figured it out! I’m very happy with the result, and proud I pulled it off. I’ve been dealing with quite severe anxiety during lockdown, which I’m sure a lot of us have, so the lyrics are definitely been influenced by that.

TSU: Filled with four incredible tracks and some truly stunning instrumentals and vocals; is there one track in particular that really resonates with you.

HL: At the moment, Scared is my favourite. I wrote that one when I was feeling really low, and my anxiety was really bad. To me, Scared is a reminder that I can create pretty things from not so pretty emotions.

TSU: What do you hope listeners take away from this EP?

HL: I hope the songs on the EP can be of comfort to people, and maybe make them feel a little less alone during these strange times we’re living in.  

TSU: You ended the EP with the beautiful title track, After Rain. What made you decide to end the record with that song?

HL: After Rain is a positive and romantic song, full of hope, so it just felt like the perfect ending to the EP. 

TSU: What would you say is the best way to listen to, and enjoy, the EP?

HL: It’s perfect for autumn! Grab a some hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a soft blanket, and hit play!

TSU: How would you sum up your musical style and energy in one sentence?

HL: Emotional and organic synth pop.

TSU: Are there any particular goals you have for yourself as an artist as we go into the last phase of 2020?

HL: Well, no live shows and travelling seems to be happening in the near future, so I’m just going to keep working in the studio creating new music, and continue preparing for the 2021 releases. I have a looot of new music in the works, which is really exciting, so my goal is to finish up the songs that I’ve started. Another goal of mine is to finish reading all the books I’ve ordered on Amazon this year. So yeah, the goal for the rest of the year is basically just finishing up everything I’ve started, haha!

An absolute pleasure to chat to Hanne Leland, make sure to check out her full discography here. And to keep up with all of Hanne’s latest releases, and to be the first to know about all her music news; find her on her socials down below.

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