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Music Chats: Izza

Rapidly placing her mark on the music scene and capturing the attention of audiences all over, multi-talented LA singer, songwriter and producer Izza is back today with the release of her brand new single, Too HotAn incredible confidence boosting anthem, that continues to showcase Izza’s authentic and empowering artistry, Too Hot is filled with addictive pop-led, synth beats and a captivating energy. Going from strength to strength over the past 2 years; since her debut release last year, she is no doubt heading for more incredible things as we head into 2022, and is certainly “one to watch”. To celebrate the release of Too Hot, we sat down with Izza to chat about the single, her creative process and what’s to come. 

TSU: Hi Izza! How are you? Can you introduce yourself to those who are just getting to know you and your music?

IZZA: Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m a pop singer/songwriter/producer from Los Angeles. My music is about my real-life experiences as a woman in my 20’s trying to navigate relationships between friends and romantic partners as well as myself. When I was 13, I started writing songs as a form of therapy to let out my emotions because I didn’t have the resources to talk to anyone about my struggles. Writing music gave me the freedom to say whatever I wanted to say without consequence or restriction. I fell in love with writing, creating, and playing songs I wrote and that were so personal to me. I feel like my most authentic self when it is just me and a piano.


TSU: Making your emergence onto the music scene last year with your debut release 405; how have you found navigating being an emerging artist during these unprecedented times? 

IZZA: As an emerging artist, I have been able to use this time to focus on honing my skills as a songwriter, singer, and producer. I have recorded a bunch of songs I plan on releasing in 2022 and I’m excited to share more of my music with the world.

TSU: How would you say the past two years have influenced your journey as an artist and your artistic sound and style?

IZZA: I started in 2020 with making more electronic and hip-hop forward music, but now I have found myself leaning more towards a pop sound. I still incorporate elements of EDM and hip-hop in my music, but I have crafted a sound that I feel represents me more and the message I want to send to listeners. I have always been inspired by artists like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky because they exude confidence in their music. I want to do the same with the music I make, but in a pop style.

TSU: What is your main approach when it comes to music-making?

IZZA: Whenever I make music, I always write what comes naturally to me. I never try to force lyrics or melody. I use songwriting as therapy and just say what comes from my heart. 

TSU: Following on from your earlier 2021 releases, you’re now back with your exciting new single, Too Hot; congratulations! Can you talk us through the creative process of the song?

IZZA: I wrote “Too Hot” on my bedroom floor with my mpk mini keyboard. I started with a basic melody and some hi-hats. It was super simple, but it instantly became this pop-style anthem. 

TSU: With incredibly anthemic energy, and a confidence-boosting vibe, what was the overarching message you were wanting to deliver with Too Hot?            

IZZA: “Too Hot” is a song I wrote to get out of a constant cycle of feeling down by people’s comments and opinions. I wanted to write a song that would liberate me from negativity and make me feel confident and empowered in myself. I believe that pop and dance music can still be fun and energetic without compromising the meaning or intent of the song. Ultimately, I wanted to encourage others to be themselves and be their own cheerleader when no one else is.

TSU: Giving off a different sonic style to your previous releases this year, with a more distinctive synth/dance sound; what inspired, and how did you come up with, the sonic composition for the track?

IZZA: I knew I wanted to write a song you could dance to or blast in your car while driving. It felt natural to write a bad bitch anthem to a song that sonically has a dance vibe. The track starts off very simple and slowly builds which I believe creates great energy for a pop song. It also uses a lot of harmonies and ad-libs which I love to experiment with and I think it adds a unique layer to the song.

TSU: Constantly delivering music that reaches across a range of genres, styles, and energies; where is it that you find yourself most comfortable, and are there any other sounds or styles you would love to dive into that you haven’t yet had the chance to?

IZZA: I’m excited to be exploring more of a pop sound, but I still am incorporating the energy of EDM and hip-hop music in future releases. I have always been a lyric-driven artist and I still want that to be at the forefront of my music regardless of the sound.

TSU: What is the main thing people, and your listeners, should know about you – and you as an artist?

IZZA: My songs have common threads of empowerment and self-discovery which I believe are crucial in paving the way for women to express themselves through music. I want to be able to inspire women that you can create music that is fun and meaningful without compromising your integrity. Music is my outlet to say whatever I want to say without feeling judged or criticized and I hope that people can use their own creative passions to do the same.

TSU: Coming to the end of 2021, what for you have been your biggest career achievements and moments this year, and what are some of your goals for 2022?

IZZA: My biggest achievement was reaching 100,000 streams on Spotify for my song “God of Los Angeles.” I love that song and am glad that other people resonate with it as well. My goals for 2022 are to release more music as well as perform more live shows. 


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