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Music Chats: Joseph Reuben

Placing his mark on the music scene since his debut earlier this year; rising singer, songwriter, producer and award winning composer Joseph Reuben has been capturing the attention of listeners all over and introducing us to his ambient and atmospheric sonic style. Beginning his musical career when he moved from London to LA as a teenager, he has been honing and perfecting his craft over the last several years, with his music a stunningly crafted cinematic picture of heartache and resilience. Delivering his debut solo release, Life In Colour, earlier this year; he has already followed his up with two subsequent singles Dreamland and Maybe, in California – released earlier this month. With new music, a debut EP and live shows on the horizon for 2022; Joseph is certainly showing no signs of slowing down. 

Talking about Maybe, In California, Joseph explained:

“‘Maybe, In California’ is about searching endlessly for another place. Constantly asking, maybe, I’ll feel happier over here? As a kid growing up in an orthodox upbringing in north-west London, I would get lost in Hollywood films and wish I could exist inside them. After living in Los Angeles for a year-and-a-half, I came to realise the fantasy of it you’d see in films was different to the reality of it. Although I had many wild experiences there, I found LA to be a pretty lonely and dark place.”

Following his latest release, we sat down with Joseph to chat all about being an emerging artist during these crazy times, his creative processes and what we can expect from him next. So make sure to keep on reading for the full interview with Joseph, down below. 

TSU: Hey, how have you been doing? For those who are getting to know you and your music, tell us a bit about yourself.

JR: I’m great thank you, glad to be chatting with you. I’m a singer songwriter, composer and music producer from London and have been living between London, NYC and LA for half my life.

TSU: What are some of the main things people should know about your music and you as an artist? Do you have a particular artistic or creative philosophy you tend to go by?

JR: I produce, write and record all my own music and create all the visuals myself. I have three questions / guideless when creating: 1. Does the music I’m making feel authentic to me? 2. Am I vibing with the work? 3. Is it good enough – if I can answer all 3 points then I can move forward with what I’m working on. 

TSU: How would you best describe your sound and artistry to new listeners?

JR: My music is atmospheric and soulful with some epic cinematic production, always leaning into retro flavours from 1940-1970s

TSU: Who are some artists that have influenced you and your musical style and direction? Are there any artists that you’re currently loving at the minute and who are inspiring you creatively?

JR: Ennio Morricone, Clint Mansell, Lana Del Rey, Hans Zimmer, George Bruns, Woodkid, Philip Glass.

TSU: Do you have a stand out moment or memory from your time creating your latest single Maybe, In California?

JR: The writing of the song came together very quickly. Within an hour the bulk of the song was written. One stand out moment was when I performed it in the Wilderness festival last month. Full on crowd waving, amazing experience. 

TSU: How would you say Maybe, In California fits into your discography and the sonic and creative direction you’re wanting to head in?

JR: MIC is one of the more intimate pieces. It still has some head bopping moments but it’s more of an introspective song compared to others. I’m actually heading in a more upfront, sexier direction that feels perhaps a little less atmospheric but still vibey. 

TSU: Can you talk us through the sonic composition of Maybe, In California?

JR: It’s a piano and vocal led track with some dreamy western style guitars, crunchy down-tempo beats and soulful vocal oohs. The song ends with a massive climax, epic tom drums and a full string orchestra arranged in the style of an old epic movie. 

TSU: What are some themes, styles and genres you would love to experiment with and dive into going forward?

JR: The music I’ve been releasing so far has been very introspective, and I’d like to play around with a more abstract approach, both lyrically and musically. 
TSU: What are some of your other creative pursuits and things that help you stay focused and in the zone and right head space, creatively?

JR: I create all my own visuals and that’s a key part to my creative process and allows me to realise my musical vision more articulately. Creating my project Song A Day allowed me to stay focused as I committed to creating music constantly, and in front of an audience. That kept me in check and allowed me to not overthink the music.

TSU: Where do you see yourself heading over the next year and what are some of your main career and music goals for the rest of 2021/ 2022?

JR: My debut EP and new music video that I directed will be out next month! Followed by a double-side single to be released before the new year. In 2022, I will be doing a co-headline tour with artist Wolf Colony in mainland China and releasing some more EPs and my album at the end of 2022.

Such a pleasure to chat to Joseph Reuben, make sure to keep up to date with all his news and releases on all his socials: 


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