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Music Chats: Lexi Berg

Rapidly placing her mark on the industry since her emergence onto the music scene back in 2019 with the release of her debut single, What If; rising Swedish-American singer-songwriter Lexi Berg continues to thrive and capture the hearts and ears of listeners as she shares her latest new release – her brand new single Helpless To Help YouReleased earlier this month, Helpless To Help You is a dazzling and bold track that delivers a narrative all about the frustration around not being able to help someone you love. With a heartfelt and emotive sentiment, Helpless To Help You is another incredible offering from the talented artist. Following the single release, we sat down with Lexi to chat all about her journey so far, the new single and life as a creative. So keep on reading for the full interview below. 

TSU: Hey! How are you, how have you been? 

LB: Hey! Well, it’s been a rollercoaster of a year, a lot of ups and downs. But I am so excited to be making and releasing this music. Still pinch myself every time I go into the studio. 

TSU:  Tell us a bit about your journey in music, and have there been any particular stand out moments for you in your career so far? 

LB: I started off as an independent artist. So the first time I saw one of my songs in a Spotify playlist was pretty huge. Then when my songs got used in TV and film, that was so exciting. And of course when I got signed to Warner, met my manager and started writing for this EP. Each step has been incredible. Each part of the process is so different. Collaborating with such talented people makes a lot of moments special. 

TSU:  You’ve just released your brand new single Helpless To Help You! Can you tell us a bit about the creative process behind the track? 

LB: I wrote the song with Jimmy Hogarth and Benjamain Francis Leftwich, both with whom I had written with before. Writing with both of them felt like coming home. Ben had this idea for a verse and I had written the title and it just fit. Then the three of us jammed and fleshed it out. 

TSU:  What were you wanting listeners to feel, and take away from Helpless To Help You, after listening to the song? 

LB: I want them to feel heard. This song is about the people who are on the sidelines. The people who watch their loved ones suffer and try to help. It’s so hard to feel so helpless when someone you love is in so much pain. 

TSU:  What is your favourite way to listen to Helpless To Help You

LB: In the car!!! It’s such a sing-a-long song! 

TSU:  You’ve also accompanied the release with some brand new visuals! What was it like filming the video and how did you come up with the concept behind it? 

LB: Filming the video was fantastic. Gareth Walker chorégraphed the most beautiful dancers. Seeing people move to your music is magical. The whole team worked hard to create something beautiful yet painful, which Drew Cox, the director brought to life.  

TSU:  What’s your favourite part of the whole creative process when making and releasing music? 

LB: My favourite part of the process is hearing musicians play on the track and seeing their response to it. Then of course when I release the music and someone feels a connection to the song, that is worth every moment. 

TSU:  You’re also set to release you debut EP Empire of One this summer which is incredibly exciting! What can we expect from the record, and how does it feel to be putting your first extended project out into the world? 

LB: I’m nervous! These are little pieces of my soul. But I’ve put my heart into this EP. Each song is it’s own little world that the listener can step into. I think there’s something on there for everyone. 

TSU:  Which artists have you been listening to lately and are currently featuring on your favourite playlists? 

LB: I love classic 70s bands like Fleetwood Mac and ABBA, but also HAIM, Tame Impala, and even some country Casey Musgraves. 

TSU:  What can we expect from you for the rest of 2021? 

LB: A lot more music!!!

With exciting things ahead for Lexi, make sure to keep up with her on her musical journey and be the first to hear her latest music and new releases. So head over to her socials to make sure you don’t miss a thing: @berg

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