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Music Chats: Maya Lane

Making her debut on the music scene; today, rising new singer-songwriter Maya Lane is here with the release of her incredible debut single, Still The SameBeginning her journey during the pandemic, she has used this time to hone and develop her craft, writing Still The Same during the first coupe of months. Introducing us to her captivating and immersive folk-pop vibe, her stunning vocals blend with a narrative that showcases her vulnerable, candid and relatable storytelling. With big things to come from Maya this year, including the forthcoming release of her debut EP; she is certainly one of 2022’s ones to watch and an exciting new talent. Ahead of the release, we sat down with Maya to chat all about her debut single and her artistic journey so far. 

TSU: How are you, how have you been?

ML: I’m great thanks. The last few weeks have been super busy preparing for release, but it’s very exciting and I can’t wait to get my music out there.

TSU: An emerging talent on the music scene, tell us a bit about yourself for those who are just getting to know you.

ML: I’m an 18 year old singer songwriter from London. For as long as I can remember I have been writing songs and performing. Having dyslexia, I sometimes struggled at school, but being able to pour my creativity into music gave me a positive outlet and something to feel proud of. I started emailing festivals at the age of 12, begging for any chance to play anywhere, any stage. This led me to performing at lots of different festivals and gigs, which helped grow my love of music and performing. In terms of musical influences, I grew up listening to such a wide range of music, from rock, soul, hip hop, pop to reggae. However, the storytelling lyrics and effortlessly beautiful melodies of 60s/ 70s country and folk, really drew me in. I take a lot of inspiration from artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, and also current artists like Kacey Muscgraves, HAIM and Harry Styles.

TSU: Just about to drop your debut release, ‘Still The Same’; how does it feel to be putting your art out into the world and releasing your first single?

ML: It’s super exciting, I feel like it’s been a long time in the making, everyone around me laughs when I say that, but for me I really have been working on this for years. I can’t wait to finally have my music floating around the world and be able to share with people what I’ve been working on. Obviously, the excitement comes with some nerves, but I’m confident that people will connect and enjoy it.

TSU: Tell us about the track and your whole creative process going into this project.

ML: I wrote ‘Still The Same’ with Jonathan Quarmby just after the first lockdown, in 2020. I often use my own experiences to write songs, but also love throwing myself into imaginary scenarios and getting lost in another world. ‘Still The Same’ tells the story of a breakup, and how one reflects on all the memories, good and bad.

TSU: Titled ‘Still The Same’; what were your thoughts on, and the decision behind, the track title?

ML: I chose it because in essence, the song is about the feeling that everything has changed around you but you are the same person at heart.

TSU: Written after the first lockdown, how much would you say the pandemic and lockdown influenced your creativity, writing, and what we can expect from your forthcoming music?

ML: When we first went into lockdown, everything I had planned got put on hold; however, I continued to work on my material. I feel very lucky that I was able to use this time at home to really experiment with my sound and style of writing. In many respects it was a blessing in disguise because the self reflection and overthinking that the lockdown brought on, actually helped me develop my sound. I’m so happy with the direction my music is now going in, as it feels authentic.

TSU: How have you found the process of being an emerging artist during these still very unusual times?

ML: It’s definitely been a bit of a rollercoaster, it had its positives and negatives. As I mentioned before I feel very lucky that I was able to use this time to work on my music and refine my sound. One thing I’ve really enjoyed is being able to connect and write (over zoom) with people around the world. I’ve made some great friends and written some of my favourite songs during this time. The main challenge for me was managing the uncertainty. Not knowing when I’m next going to be able to play live, watch live music, get into the studio and like everyone, just live life, has been really hard. I’m also a big list person and I attempt to plan for everything. One of the things this has taught me is that while it’s good to have lists and plans it’s not always going to work out as you expect and life throws curve balls.

TSU: When it comes to songwriting, where do you tend to find your inspiration from?

ML: A lot of my songwriting inspiration comes from personal experiences or things I’m feeling, or things my friends or people around me have gone through. However, I’m a very imaginative and empathic person, so I am often putting myself (like in ‘Still The Same’) into imaginary scenarios and writing about things I may have never experienced but can either relate to in some way or find inspiration from. I often use poetry books and pictures to help with this, but inspiration can come from anywhere, which is one of the things I love about songwriting so much.

TSU: Making your debut this year, what are some things you are hoping to achieve over the course of the next year, and the next five years.

ML: People who know me know that I’m very ambitious and focused about my music. In terms of goals for the next few years, I can’t wait to continue to put music out there and have people connect with it and be emotionally moved by it. I’m also really looking forward to growing my fanbase and playing larger scale live shows, festivals and gigs around the world (hopefully one day I’ll be headlining Glastonbury!). I can’t wait to have people singing my lyrics back to me, because nothing beats engaging and connecting with an audience.

TSU: What can we expect next from you this 2022?

ML: I don’t want to give too much away, but I can’t wait for people to hear everything I’ve been working on. There are lots of releases coming and I’m really looking forward to sharing this journey.

For more on Maya Lane, keep up with her on all her socials: @mayalaneuk

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