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Music Chats: Mystery Rose

Today, Blues-Punk Singer Mystery Rose further places her stamp on the music scene as she releases her first single of the year, Stabilitywith this also marking the first release off of her debut album – Socially Distant – out later this year. Hailing from Los Angeles, the teenage indie pop artist writes and records all her own music, delivering a sound and style that ranges from Amy Winehouse-style blues ballads to pop-punk; always filled with vibrant live instrumentals and a cheeky attitude. The follow on from her 2020 singles Sunset Boulevard and Passing Notes, Stability gives off a captivating and bouncy, pop-punk energy that showcases a new side of her sound and artistry. Unlike most young artists today, she has little interest in personal exposure or fame, with Rose preferring to remain largely a Mystery. 

“Lyrically, it’s about relationships. Whether you leave someone or you get left, you still feel vulnerable, like someone took away your Stability — not just with them, but for future beaus! Break-ups have a lasting effect on everyone, no matter which side they are on.” – Mystery Rose talking about Stability

Ahead of the single release, we sat down with the talented singer to chat about the latest release and her artistic journey so far. So keep on reading for the full interview below. 

TSU: Can you tell us a bit about your story and artistic journey so far?  

MR: I released my first few songs in 2018. I was fortunate to get the attention of some cool DJ’s and got some spins on their shows. I have over 40 songs that are produced, but many will not be released because I am creating a large catalogue of songs for licensing and sync placements. I am releasing a full album in both digital and vinyl in the Spring.  

TSU: Was music something you always wanted to pursue, and what inspired you to start creating music?   

MR: No, I was inspired when I received a guitar for my 10th birthday and started to take lessons. I really liked the power of creating lyrics and creating a melody to go with it.

TSU: What does music, and being an artist and creative, mean to you? And how has your relationship with music changed over the past year?  

MR: It allows me to express myself in ways that can change based on the mood. Like many other teenagers, I have been living in isolation for almost a year, so I have not had a chance to see live music or get together in person with other like-minded people. My album is called Socially Distant because it is a very lonely time.

TSU: So far on your musical journey, what have you learnt about yourself as a creative? 

MR: I like to change things up and always be a little different when it comes to a sound.   

TSU: Can you give us a window into your song writing and artistic processes? 

MR: The first things I think of are lyrics and the melody. Then I compose it with my guitar, then I share it with my producer and we set up metronomes for the general feel of the song and drum sounds. I sing a scratch, and from there we have our regular studio musicians come in and record the song. Following that, I lay down my own vocals, back up vocals, and harmonization. Then, if there are going to be any instrumental solos, they come into the studio and record so they know exactly where their part will fit in. My producer, Dan West, is a very talented instrumentalist and arranger. He manages the studio musicians. It sounds complicated, but it is a very efficient process, and we have done it over 40 times. I am fortunate to have a great team of people I routinely work with.

TSU: What has influenced, and helped you develop, your artistic style and sound at such a young age?

MR: I have a large imagination and draw on that for themes for my lyrics. It’s like they are all a cast of characters in my mind.

TSU: For those who aren’t as familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

MR: I like to combine modern themes mixed with a classic instrumental sound.  I like to keep things interesting, so I bounce between genres.

TSU: What are some of the main things you want listeners to take from your music? 

MR: That if they are ever in a similar situation as is presented in one of my songs, they will have the strength to get through it and learn from it and be stronger for it. 

TSU: And who are some of your biggest musical influences, and the main artists who have inspired you? 

MR: I like many artists. David Bowie, Green Day, The Beatles, Ariana Grande. Melanie Martinez, and Pink come to mind.

TSU: Can you tell us a bit about your new single Stability?

MR: It is about break-ups that can happen in a relationship and how they affect both sides. They can take away your stability and your confidence in pursuing your future beaus.

TSU: With more releases planned for 2021; what can we expect from you, musically, this year?

MR: I am releasing a full album in the Spring in both vinyl and digital formats called Socially Distant.  I am working on recording a half dozen more songs as we speak, and I hope to drop some of those around the holiday season. 


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