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Music Chats: Olly Flavell

Another throwback interview; and this week; it’s all about the lovely Olly Flavell. Back in 2017, I was privileged enough to meet and interview the Manchester based singer-songwriter for the first time, when he came into the radio station at my university to do the inaugural Live Lounge performance. Combining pop, rock and indie influences; Olly’s effortless vocals and classic melodies make for a captivating listen, giving off James Bay and John Mayer-esque vibes. 

Since we last sat down, Olly has been busy; releasing several singles, including Trial & Error and Tryna Get My Voice (To Be Heard), along with releasing his latest EP – Self Titled, which dropped early last year. Most recently, a short documentary on Olly’s career in music so far – Trial & Error, filmed and produced by Dominic Mathewson; premiered earlier this month and it is definitely worth a watch. And just yesterday, Olly announced his new single, Idea, on instagram; which is set to release on the 24th of next month!

However, taking it back a few years; listen to the full conversation with Olly below to hear us chat about musical collaborations, influences and the best parts of being a singer-songwriter. Although before you listen, go and head over to Soundcloud/Spotify/Apple Music and give Olly a subscribe and listen!

The two of us sat down again a few weeks later to chat more about music, live shows and other things; so stay tuned to hear part two of music chats with Olly very soon!! 

Keep up to date with Olly on social media: @OllyFlavell

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