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Today, it is all about London based singer songwriter Sam Seccombe, who is back with a brand new release. Kicking off his musical journey in 2018 with the release of his debut record – Write The World Away – EP; over the last two years, Sam has gone from strength to strength. With John Mayer and Tom Misch kinda vibes; Sam’s sound can be seen as organic and homegrown, with the singer himself describing his music as ‘endearing, down to earth and familiar’. 

“I feel like anyone can understand music when it’s as simple as sitting on a bed with a guitar and something to pen some lyrics on. Obviously producing a track – giving it some body, some replayability, some character – is a little more complex, but I try to keep as much of the original, more endearing sound as possible.”

Sam Seccombe on his music and sound as an artist

However, Sam is now back with his latest new single, Waiting On Your Love. The track fades in with a stunning John Mayer-esque instrumental; and delivers an emotional break-up ballad through a blend of soft-rock/indie-pop melodies, alongside some sweet and honest vocals. With an overall mellow sound, interspersed with some addictive guitar riffs; the track has a soothing and therapeutic vibe to it, despite the slightly more intense subject matter. Talking more in-depth about the track, we spoke to Sam prior to the singles release; and he notes how he ‘wrote Waiting On Your Love on my way out of an unhealthy relationship. It’s about liberating myself from a situation that I didn’t think could get any better. It was a rough time but I wanted to focus on taking control of my headspace, rather than waiting on someone else to do it for me’. 

“I recorded it over about 5 months whilst finishing up the final year of my degree. I would just sit down at my desk and gradually put parts down on the guitar, or some backing vocals.”

Sam on writing Waiting on Your Love

Following on from the latest single; we also spoke about what we might expect next from him musically, and in the year to come:

“Great things I hope hahaha. […] Now that I have more time, I want to be making more music, but with more depth, more grit, more conviction. I’m excited to get on with stuff and see what I come up with! I have a good audience of listeners at the moment which I’m grateful for, and I’m keen to grow that, to get my music out to more people. And of course I can’t wait to start playing live music again!”

So keep you eyes and ears peeled for more great things from Sam; and hopefully you’ll be able to catch him at a concert near you soon *fingers crossed*. To stay up to date with all things Sam Seccombe, and be the first to hear of the latest news and new music releases; check out all his social down below! 

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