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Today’s new track comes from Norway’s next breaking alt-pop artist, 22-year-old SKAAR. With the release of her debut EP The Other Side Of Waitingreleased this Friday; the new 10-track record displays SKAAR’s alluring vocals, and addictive melodies, in a brand new light. Ahead of the release we sat down with the singer to chat through the EP and talk about the brand new record. So definitely make sure to check out SKAAR and The Other Side Of Waiting, hereand keep reading below for the full interview!

TSU: Tell me about your musical journey so far?

SKAAR: Well, where to start! My musical journey has definitely been a struggle, but mostly magical and amazing! From just loving to write music and singing, to actually have a vision and to know exactly who I am as a musician.. Feel like I’ve grown a 1000000 inches in a few years mentally, haha!

TSU: You’ve just released your debut EP, The Other Side of Waiting; congratulations! Tell me about the creative process for the record?

SKAAR: Yesss thank you so much! It feels so insane! We started to just write a few songs and wanted to try things out. After writing ‘higher ground’, ‘quiet’ and ‘wicked rhythm’, we knew we wanted to make an EP. After that we started writing specifically for the EP, and I am so happy with how it turned out!

TSU: What track off of the EP are you most excited for people to hear, and why?

SKAAR: I think that would have to be ‘For Andrea’. It is a ballad, that me and my co writer Fanny Hultman wrote randomly last fall when we were finishing producing the EP. I had just went through a break up, and wanted to write a thank you/tribute song to my best friend who is always there for me. We made the song in 30 minutes, and recorded everything there and then. The version on the EP is the demo version. I am really proud of that one!

TSU: How does this project fit into your wider discography and the musical direction you want to go in?

SKAAR: Ahhh fun question!! This project is of course just the start. I am a big fan of the bigger picture, and love to make big plans and projects. This is just the start of the bigger picture, and I can’t wait to show you more of my music, universe and me!

TSU: Was there any particular message, feeling or emotion you were wanting to project, or express with The Other Side of Waiting; what were you wanting listeners to take away from the EP?

SKAAR: I wanted to blow up every feeling I felt when making the EP! I wanted to make small things bigger, and validate every feeling and emotion. I want the listeners to feel seen and heard, and to feel like they’re not alone.  

TSU: What has it been like for you, as a creative, during this crazy year; with Covid, lockdown and everything that’s been going on? 

SKAAR: It has been very hard. When the world is falling apart around you, it is hard to focus on something as tiny as writing music. For me it kind of killed my creativity and inspiration for a while… But thankfully it came back, and I feel more ready than ever to write more!

TSU: Who have been some artists you’ve been listening to, or have been influencing you, at the moment?

SKAAR: My biggest influences are Coldplay, foo fighters, florence + the machine, BANKS and Bon Iver. It is a weird mix, I know! But to me it makes all the sense in the world. A new artist I’ve been listening to is a guy called Still Woozy!! Damn he’s cool!

TSU: With some really beautiful lyricism running throughout your tracks, what are some of your main “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to song writing?

SKAAR: Ahhh good question!! I mean, I am a sucker for a little bit of cliche lyrics haha. Especially in the Chorus! I really like a good blend of metaphors and literal lyrics too. It is hard to explain, but I can listen to lyrics and instantly like it or dislike it! It is kind of like an inner lyrics compass, haha!

TSU: What would you say is the best way to listen to your music?

SKAAR: The best way to listen to my music is to take a walk in the forest or by the water. Put on a headset, and listen to the EP from start to finish! It would be cool if the weather changed to the music as well.. Well, you can imagine it at least!

TSU: Where do you see yourself heading, musically, over the next year?

SKAAR: I want to take a step to the left. This EP is 19 year old SKAAR’s vision and perspective, so I can’t wait to show everyone the new perspective! I’m gonna work more with production and to write all by myself. It is gonna be very exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time! 

Such a pleasure to chat to the incredible SKAAR; definitely make sure to giver her brand new EP, The Other Side Of Waiting, out now, a listen! And to continue following SKAAR’s journey, and be the first to know about her latest new music, find her on all her socials @skaarofficial

Photo Cred @ Martin Bremnes

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