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National Service release ruminative single ‘Milktooth’

National Service’s music is laced with emotion, intensity and haunting melodies. Whilst their sound is massive, the band is actually made up of three people. National Service is a trio from North East London. Having signed with the legendary indie label ‘Fierce Panda’, the trio have released their debut single back in 2017 ‘A Little More Time’, to cult acclaim. Whilst the follow-up ‘Timid Kisses’ became BBC 6’s track of the week as well as Steve Lamacq’s anthem. Following the success of the past releases, National Service then dropped two EPs, the exploratory ‘Foreign Love EP’ in 2018 and the shimmering ‘Meltwater EP’ in 2019, both of which featured more ambitious compositions with densely layered instrumentation than the previous releases.

This brings us up to date with their newest release ‘Milktooth.’ Chilling, raw vocals pierce the mix lying on top of an infectious backdrop. Drums are fall to flour, moody and give the track a massive boost of energy. The guitars are tight, fuzzy and ebb and flow between each other with a mixture of overdrive lead lines and chorus laced guitars that are penned in the verse all whilst trying to capture the feeling of being lost when growing up.

Speaking further about this National Service say: “Milktooth was the first in a rush of songs written after I was signed off on mental health leave from my job as a teacher. Sometimes songs need teased out and cajoled into existence but Milktooth came forth with the force of something that needed to be said. It was more or less the finished form within a day, which rarely happens. I think the chorus lyric is pretty self-explanatory and when I took it to the band to deconstruct and reconstruct it, there was a clear sense that we all resonated with the themes in some manner. It totally epitomises that time in my memory – whenever I listen to it, I’m drawn back to days staring at the wall wondering what to do with my life. It manages to encapsulate that inner storm perfectly – at times it’s aggressive and tenacious at other points it’s subdued and reflective. What’s more, is that when we made the decision to record and mix it all ourselves (mainly due to financial circumstances) it became a testament to the learning journey we’d been on as a band. I think artists tend to shy away from these things for fear of coming across as arrogant or uncool, but for what it’s worth, I think it’s an absolute quality song; one which we’re all very proud of.”

National Service is a ruminative, murky, and lyrical oil slick on stage that explodes with urgent confessional vocals, haunting melodies, claustrophobic chamber harmonies, frenzied grooves, roaring guitars, and searing, damaged sounds – and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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