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Ned and Wendy The Band release a special and intimate debut album ‘Alive in Los Feliz’ with focus track ‘Awake’

Ned and Wendy the Band is a Los Angeles-based musical duo comprised of singer/songwriter Lindsey Ferguson and composer/producer Jordan Plotner. The duo began making music as a one-time project, recording songs remotely, which later, during the pandemic blossomed into a partnership, engagement, a 2-year shared lease in LA, and over 40 songs written together, which then took shape into an intimate live living room concert recorded album titled ‘Alive in Los Feliz” which includes the feature track ‘Awake.’  The single, like the album, is an intimate live recording filled with jazzy and folky tones. It’s a feel-good stripped-back single that serves as a capstone to their unique record, reflecting on their gratitude for life.

Ned and Wendy The Band discuss the new song, saying:

 “We feel like this is the musical culmination of our individual and shared creative lives. We actually had no intention of releasing the recording of this house concert as our debut album. For months, we’d been combing over hours’ worth of new music that we’d recorded together, trying to decide what songs would best introduce us as a band. Then we played this magical little house concert on the night of the big lunar eclipse of November 2021, and when we listened back to the recording, we knew that this is it.

The beautiful striped back album and single ‘Awake‘ underscore the importance of how intimate their music is and bleeds of personal remarks and experiences that invite you to a lively snug private concert.

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