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New In: February 2023

We’re back again with another month, bringing you a breakdown of some of our new and favourite releases from some incredible artists. From up-tempo indie vibes to addictive pop bangers, here is some music motivation to get you through this February. 

The AstronomersOrange Afternoon

Making their mark on the music scene over the last several years, rising indie-pop duo, The Astronomers, are back this month with another lively and up-tempo track – their brand new single, Orange Afternoon. With a vibrant and uplifting energy, the track delivers a light and ambient soundscape that is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months. Accompanying, and seamlessly complimenting, the gentle and warming melody, the track delivers a simple and beautiful narrative about embracing the present and enjoying life. 

Flo Gallop you’d never know

Back again, delivering her signature brand of tongue-in-cheek pop and deadpan lyricism, South-London singer-songwriter Flo Gallop is continuing to showcase her talent and artistry with the release of her latest new single, you’d never know. Giving off Lily Allen-esque vibes, you’d never know sees Flo once again deliver a buoyant indie-pop instrumental that, behind the more bubbly and dynamic melody, tells a candid narrative about how social media can often make people’s lives look much better than the actual reality – all told through her sassy and charismatic storytelling. 

Liza Lothis ocean

A stunning indie-folk led track; earlier this month, rising talent Liza Lo delivered her brand new offering in the form of her new single, this ocean. A truly beautiful and emotive track that brings you deeper into Liza’s artistic world; this ocean brings you into a dreamy and intimate sonic landscape that is both mesmerizing and timeless. Delicate and ethereal, the acoustic led instrumental is filled with soft guitars and gentle synths, perfectly paired against Liza’s poignant and wistful vocals. Continuing to hone her craft, this is a perfect taste of what’s to come from the talented artist. 

Talking about the track, Liza explains: 

“This song is about the suspense that feeling of falling in love again gives. Opening yourself up again to a new love and hoping they feel the same way. The fear of diving into love again. Heartbreak hurts and therefore opening yourself up to love someone new is quite scary. You’re feeling and allowing all these strong emotions again after a long time since your first break up. Feelings varying from excitement, to butterflies in your stomach and a little bit of fear combine to a certain warmth you really want to hold onto. Alongside this you’re hoping the other person feels the same way.

The suspense that feeling of falling in love again gives and the hope that the other person you’re dating feels the same is nerve wracking. Someone is carrying you to that feeling of bliss and wholeness again that love gives you. Still feeling a fear of being the only one to feel it.

Felt the trust move upstream but I’m scared to dive deep, it seems I’m stuck in my dreams. They are what takes you to these dreamy thoughts and places of love.”

Eighty Ninety2 Carat

Having continued to hone their craft, and delivered a number of incredible releases over the past several years; this month, the rising indie-pop duo Eighty Ninety are back with another single – 2 Carat. Heralding a brand new era for the pair as they look towards the release of their debut full length album, set to drop later this year, 2 Carat kicks this off with a bolder production and even bigger Eighty Ninety sound. Still retaining the classic Eighty Ninety vibe, the track is a seamless fusion of organic instrumentation and atmospheric production; layered against alluring vocals and emotive storytelling. 

Talking about the track, the pair explain:

Our upcoming album is about falling apart and learning how to put yourself back together, and the unexpected moments of joy that come along the way. The first single, ‘2 Carat,’ is about coming to terms with the realization that the right person may have come (and gone) at the wrong time, when you weren’t whole enough to be able to recognize or reciprocate their love. It’s about the struggle to free yourself from cycles of questioning and regret so that you can make space in your life for a fuller self, new joy, and new love.”

Christian Frenchthank god

Delivering his first new single of 2023, singer-songwriter Christian French is once again showcasing his skill and talent on his brand new track, thank god. Giving off his signature up-tempo, indie-pop vibes, thank god sees Christian deliver a candid and relatable narrative as he reflects on the ways in which things could have been different – although ultimately being grateful for how things turned out, and the lessons learnt along the way. With a rhythmic guitar-driven melody and slick production, the track instantly brings you into its sonic world and is utterly impossible to resist. 

EP special: Foley – ‘Crowd Pleaser, Pt. 1

Back and better than ever; after much anticipation, the incredible New Zealand duo Foley are back with their brand new EP, Crowd Pleaser, Pt. 1. A dynamic and exciting 5-track project, including hit singles Killing Me Babe and Smooth It Over, the EP sees the pair continue to hone and develop their style and artistry, and push the boundaries of their signature innovative pop sound. The first half of their debut album, with the second part of the collection to be released later this year, this marks the start of an exciting new chapter for the pair’s artistic journey. Showcasing their eclectic and diverse sound, the record kicks things off with the dynamic new track, Coffee. An absolute banger, the track is filled with funky guitar lines, glimmering synths, and bouncy melodies that are impossible to resist. Following this up is track number two, and the first single on the album, Killing Me Babe. As we get into the middle of the EP, we have two new singles; Lost In The Garden –  a rhythmic and soulful funk-pop track, and Nothing – a more emotive and melodic electronic-synth-led offering, before ending on the second single, Smooth It Over. Not to be missed; Foley continue to keep listeners on their toes with their dynamic and exciting brand of artistry; and Crowd Pleaser, Pt. 1 is certainly no exception. 

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