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Following the release of his latest new single, Love Made Melast month; earlier this week, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Cole Bradley came back with the release of a brand new video for the incredible track. 

Shot while in lockdown; the video was directed, filmed and edited by filmmaker and photographer, Oliver Banyard. With some beautiful and bright aesthetics, Baynard perfectly captures the “head-over-heels in love” and adorably romantic theme of the track.  

Filming alongside his long-time family friend and influencer, Izzy Dilger; the video sees the pair going from morning to night, goofing around with Instagram filters and taking a spontaneous jump into a lake. A simple but sweet video, the visuals are the perfect accompaniment to the light and up-beat end-of-summer track. 

So definitely make sure to check out the rest of Cole’s discography, here. And for more on Cole, Love Made Me, and the brand new video; head here to check out our earlier interview with Cole where we spoke about all things music, and his plans for the rest of 2020! To keep up to date with all things Cole Bradley, find him on all his socials – @playitCole 

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