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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Kelsy Karter ‘Villain’

“I’m playin’ the villain, baby, just like you want”

Following on from the release of her music video for You Only Die Once taken from her 2020 debut album Missing Person; earlier this week, LA-based Kiwi artist Kelsy Karter came back with a dazzling new music video for Villain – another poignant and captivating song off of the hit record. The latest example of her wide array of skills, the video is another that is directed and edited by Kelsy herself; once again showcasing her creative talent, and this side of her unique artistry. 

Dressed head-to-toe in leather, we see Kelsy put her own spin on the infamous and iconic Catwoman, with the video following her on an emotional journey as she recalls the moments she went from being the protagonist in a love story to accepting the role of the villain when the relationship ended. A perfect visual depiction of, and accompaniment to, the stunningly beautiful and emotional track; Kelsy delivers her signature vibe and rock princess energy, further solidifying her place within the music scene.

“I almost didn’t put this song on my record. It brings me to tears anytime I sing or hear it. But my best mate told me “Kels, this song isn’t for you anymore. It’s for everyone else.” And that made me realize that maybe I was stupid not to release it. Turns out, fans have resonated with this song as much I do, so I had to make a music video for it. It is directed and edited by yours truly, with cinematography by Gary Long. We shot the video in about 3 hours with a crew of 8. I wanted to depict one of the greatest villains of all time…on her day off. Ironically doing the most un-villainous things you can do. Watching TV, having a tea party, cuddling a teddy bear, doing handstands…and crying. Villains have hearts too, y’know?”

Kelsy talking about the music video for Villain

Another incredible release from Kelsy, she is no doubt headed for more incredible things this year and is sure to dazzle us with more fantastic releases. So make sure to keep up with Kelsy, and all her latest music news and releases, on all her socials:


Photo cred @Stefanie Moser