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NewDad – ‘Banshee’ EP

Back with their latest new release, and following on from their earlier single, Say It; today, rising band NewDad, heralding from Galway, have dropped their brand new sophomore EP BansheeFilled with candour and emotion, the 5-track EP is a vibrant and eclectic expanse of auras and soundscapes; ranging from more melancholic and forlorn, to bittersweet heartache. Primarily delving into more poignant themes and narratives, Banshee can certainly be seen as one of their most honest and heart-felt releases to date. Filled with can’t miss indie beats, and moments that will have you all in your feelings; Banshee is an exciting new record that you most certainly won’t want to miss. 

Kicking things off, the EP begins with Say It; their earlier 2022 release, and the last single taken from the record. Delivering a track all about the frustration of unrequited love, the universal and relatable narrative is accompanied by a stunningly emotive instrumental, and beautifully airy vocals, that perfectly convey the sentiments of love, loss, longing and frustration. Seamlessly following on from Say It, is the title track, and brand new release, Banshee. Adding a new sonic layer to the EP; Banshee maintains a more mellow and emotive sound, while giving off a more low-tempo energy in comparison to Say It, and introduces an addictive rhythmic bassline. As we head into the middle of the EP, we dive into Spring; a song that takes a look at the feelings of, and the nature of tackling, anxiety in the modern world. Told through a bold and epic soundscape, the instrumental shifts from moments of soft and delicate instrumentals to explosive and passionate refrains; perfectly reflecting the highs, lows, and restlessness, that come with anxiety. 

As the EP comes to a close, we have the second song about anxiety, and a seamless follow on from Spring, with the track, Thinking Too Much; before ending Banshee on their earlier 2021, pre-released single, Ladybird. Inspired by the film of the same name, Ladybird delivers a sonic landscape that is bold and confident, filled with layers of melodic guitars alongside gentle pop vocals; creating a stunning instrumental that is both powerful and intimate. A perfect end to the EP, Ladybird embodies many of the themes and emotions that run throughout the record, with it being all about the difficult part of relationships and the struggles and anxieties that many sometimes face when they’re away from someone they love. 

Talking about the record, the band explain:

“This EP is definitely bigger, having more time in the studio definitely meant we got to experiment more and layer more into each track so there’s an overall bigger sound! The main themes of this EP are restlessness and anxiety, during lockdown that’s how myself and most people were feeling so that’s what inspired a lot of the writing.”

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Photo credit: @Bella Howard