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NewDad – ‘Say It’

‘I’m tired I had a long day’

After an incredibly successful two years, placing their mark on the music scene since the release of their debut single, Howin 2020; today, rising Irish four-piece band NewDad are back with their brand new single and first release of the year, Say It, marking the start of a fantastic 2022 and another successful year for the band. And alongside the release of Say It, NewDad have also announced the release of their forthcoming sophomore EP, Banshee, that follows on from their debut, Wavesand is set for release early next month. With a host of new music, and a series UK and Ireland live shows on the horizon, NewDad are set for a busy 2022 with some unmissable music and live events in store. And kicking things off with the release of Say It, 2022 looks likely to be one of their best years yet!

Maintaining their signature sound and style, Say It is a stunning and melodic indie pop-rock track that is filled with gentle guitar lines and a soft ambient energy; immersing you deep in the restful and intoxicating sonic landscape. All about the emotions and frustrations felt around unrequited love and a one-sided relationship, the track reflects this angst and irritation through the fast-paced nature of the instrumental; contrasting it with the overall atmospheric nature of the melody, with this still giving off a calming vibe and reflecting some of the remaining feelings of love amongst the hurt and frustration. And accompanied by stunning vocals from lead singer Julie, with this being some of her best vocals to date, she perfectly captures and conveys the emotion of the track. 

‘‘Say It’ is about unrequited love, about when someone is with you but not really, it’s supposed to capture that frustration you feel when you’re giving someone your all and they’re giving you nothing in return. The fast pace of the song makes it feel like I’m venting which works considering the feelings of irritation and bitterness I’m talking about when you don’t want to like someone but you can’t help it’.

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Photo credit: @Bella Howard