‘NIGHT MOVES 2’ is the groovy new EP from Alexnder Luna

Californian musician on the rise Alexnder Luna wows on funk infused EP ‘NIGHT MOVES 2’. The project follows the narrative of a down on his luck character on his journey to find a lost friend. “I really want to create art that people can get lost in. Whether that be dancing or crying. I want to be known as the main artist rather than just a producer for a song. A big inspiration for that would be someone like Kaytranada. While accomplishing that I also hope to continue scoring films, acting, and directing music videos. Do what you love!” – Alexnder Luna

Cooking up his tracks with close friends in his childhood home garage, Alexnder Luna creates something authentic, fun and meaningful. Don’t miss ‘NIGHT MOVES 2’, check it out below.

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