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Last week, Nashville-based band Nightly made an exiting announcement as they revealed the upcoming release of their highly anticipated debut album – night, love you – set for release October 16th. And alongside this exciting announcement came the release of a brand new single from the band – Summer. With languid vocals and laid back pop melodies; Summer is an easy-listening, up-tempo track, filled with nostalgia and a classic Nightly energy. 

The track begins with an infectious indie, alt-pop instrumental intro that sets the tone for the whole record. With a dream-like, escapist vibe, similar to that of their previous single You Should Probably Just Hang Up; Summer is another track that highlights Nightly’s unique style. A perfect addition to Nightly’s growing discography; the track’s gentle synths and mellow instrumentals perfectly compliment the songs heart-warming lyricism, and make for an ideal summer tune.

“summer” brings us back to just another ordinary season – one filled with fleeting but memorable summer romances and carefree escapades. I was channelling these feelings that I get of nostalgia and memories tied to a certain time of year

frontman Jonathan Capeci explains.

So definitely make sure to keep your eyes peeled from new music, and the debut album, coming soon from Nightly! To keep up with the band, their music and latest releases; find them on all their socials @nightly, and listen them on Spotify here.

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