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Nightly – ‘Night, love you. (alt EP)’

Late last week, Nashville-based alt-pop band Nightly delivered their brand new EP; a stunning compilation of tracks that features a number of alternative versions of songs from their debut album night, love you

Late last week, dazzling Nashville-based band Nightly delivered their brand new EP- night, love you. (alt EP). A stunning new release, the record is a four-track project that features a captivating series of reimagined, stripped-down, and reworked tracks from their debut record, Night, love youThe follow on from the hit album which dropped last autumn, we are further brought into the mesmerizing sonic world of night, love you; with the band delivering a brand new acoustic spin, and fresh perspective of some album favourites. 

Continuing to touch upon themes such as growing up, mental health, summer love, and more; the way the tracks have been reimagined add a new vibe and energy to the already incredible releases, to deliver an even more intimate presence while listening. To open the record, the band bring us back into the world of night, love you with a stripped back version of not like you. Infusing the track with a captivating and jazzy energy, the instrumental brings together a vibrant soundscape of intricately layered melodies filled with dazzling synths and soft percussive beats. 

Following this are the stunning alternative versions of So Sly and Summer, further adding a new depth and dimension to the recordBeginning with a stunning wave of synth melodies, the immersive aura that So Sly projecttransitions to incorporate an addictive percussive beat as the chorus hits. With the track’s giving off two completely different energies, both feed off each other perfectly; with the comparatively new acoustic version of Summer delivering a more ambient and laid-back, nostalgic vibe. And closing out the record is a stunning live acoustic version of Older; adding an even more emotional twist to the already acoustic slow pop ballad, with the reverbed sound of echoing guitars flowing alongside Capeci’s lush vocals. 

As Nightly reimagine four of their already stellar tracks in this dazzling new EP, they imbibe them with new sentiments and emotion; somehow making them each even more special, poignant and heart-felt than they were before, aided by the new layer and depth of delicate instrumentation and spot lit vocals. Adding a new flare to some much loved Nightly fan favourites, night, love you. (alt EP) is the perfect record to close your eyes and relax you; bringing you into an enchanting new sonic world. 

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