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Nire Bird shares the glassy new single ‘Obsessor Doll’

Nire Bird made her debut in 2019, but it was three years later that the character we know today emerged, garnering widespread attention with the lead-up to her first album, Beach Noir, featuring standouts ‘Sexual Truffle Pig’ and ‘Yes Please’. In 2023, the artist returned with ‘Pardon My Reach’, teasing fans towards her sophomore project You Made Me Not the Same.

While she has been a lifelong pianist and viola player, Nire Bird found her vocal inspiration singing lullabies to her children, since honing her craft for a dark and experimental sound. In her own words, Nire describes herself as a blend of sunshine and a hurricane, with a penchant for moonlit tans and silk attire. Drawing inspiration from her past experiences, including her time at an art school in South Florida, Nire aims to create new fairy tales through her music.

Nire Bird’s ‘Obsessor Doll’ is a hurting and gritty showcase of pop experimentation. Pushing her seductive tendencies into something dark and hazy, Nire crafts an eerie yet enticing atmosphere, filled with pulsing synths, glassy percussion and heavy bass moments. There are elements of electronic music across the arrangement, pulling her into a spacey ethereality, but then she combats these moments, pulling herself down to earth with siren bursts and powerful kick drums. It’s almost as though there are two protagonists playing against one another, one falling in love, the other into lust, each unable to control the other’s fiery strength.

Nire adds, “Obsessor Doll in particular started as an idea about a girl obsessed with a guy. But it felt wrong in so many ways like I didn’t want to write this message. Then my best friend started trolling me on social media and WhatsApp about my whole world. She said, ‘what’s wrong with you, I’m unfollowing you, I never see your stuff but this is too far, are you ok, what are doing, you think you’re making art, you’re not making art, this is pornography.’ It went on and on and I realised it had been for years. Nothing about what I was doing was pornographic.

She was so wild in her shaming, female jealousy and attempted control that it made me laugh, cry and become deeply motivated in retaliation. I looked in the mirror and felt my obsession. So the true song revealed itself as a girl singing in the mirror becoming her alter ego and embracing her obsession. An obsession  to produce and create while not being hurt by outside noise and criticism even when it’s someone you think is a best friend. In my reflections I realised how deeply she’d been holding me back, trying to keep me in her box because she just didn’t feel sexy anymore as a mother.”