New Music

Octavia roars in new single ‘9 TO 5’

After taking time to discover herself outside of music, and pursuing mental well-being, Octavia has returned after five years with a newfound identity and refined sound. Influenced by ’90s grunge and alternative rock, Octavia is an invite to relive an era with a contemporary twist.

Alternative rock with enough force to break down a brick wall, Octavia’s second single since her return to music is out now in the form of anti-establishment singalong stadium filler ‘9 TO 5’.

Refusing to conform, she harnesses her rockstar energy to fire out at the system, refusing to fall in line without riotous protest. The impressive guitar technicality ringing out with a tide of distortion, the drums ripping into the fibre of your being, Octavia’s chants roar.

”Five years ago, amidst the confines of my college dorm room,” Octavia shares, “I penned the lyrics to this song. At the time, I found myself immersed in the music of Nirvana, their raw energy sparked a creative fire within me. As graduation approached, with the looming prospect of entering the conventional workforce, a wave of resistance surged through me. Thus, ‘9 to 5’ was born—a melodic rebellion against conformity and a testament to the refusal to succumb to the status quo.”