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OSP are back with their fiery new single ‘Iyah’

Proving themselves once again as one of the most chameleonic outfits doing the rounds right now, OSP are back to their eclectic ways as they drop the fun and tropical new single ‘Iyah’.

Mashing up their usual hip-hop flair to explore a more Caribbean flow this time, ‘Iyah’ makes for a brilliantly infectious groove. Moving with swagger and finesse at every turn, these guys are really putting the scene to shame with their ever forward-thinking approach to direction.

Adding about their inspiration for ‘Iyah’, they said, Iyah was inspired by a lifetime of hearing the word used. The beat was an experiment that went well and lyrically, the track is an exploration of all the things Iyah means.”

While their self-titled EP certainly built their notoriety, ‘Iyah’ feels like a bold step forward for the four-piece. They also recently recorded their latest offering at this year’s Readipop Festival, which you can check out below.

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