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Pat – EP: ‘No Ball Games’

“I’m flicking through the Kodak/ Seeing all the memories I’m wishing we can wishing we can go back”

Already having an incredible year in music, delivering his debut single and racking up over 4 million streams on Spotify alone; rising artist Pat has rapidly been making a name for himself as one of the hottest new artists on the music scene. Captivating audiences with his eclectic rap-led brand of artistry, and building up an impressive social media presence, this has seen him become a TikTok phenomenon with over 1.3 million followers and he has already hit the top of the Spotify viral charts. Continuing his series of incredible self-released singles; today, Pat is back with his latest, highly anticipated musical project – his brand new debut EP, No Ball GamesA dazzling nine-track record, the EP features his previous releases Kodak, White Air Forces and Tyskie in addition to some fantastic new tracks. Alongside the EP, Pat has also shared a brand new documentary film, Stealing Sandthat he made when he returned to Poland earlier this year. The first time Pat had returned to Poland since he and his family left when he was seven years old, the documentary brings a fantastic new insight into his background and some of the inspirations and nostalgic elements we see in No Ball Games. 

A fantastic debut EP, No Ball Games dives in with a brief sixteen second voice over intro of what we can imagine is an old recording of Pat on 12th Birthday Party (Skit), that brings us in, and introduces us, to the world of the EP. A perfect start to the record, it delves into the themes that span across the EP as we see Pat draw upon his life experiences and observations of life in modern Britain, in his signature witty, sharp, humorous and candid style. Following 12th Birthday Party (Skit), we get two of the pre-released singles – Kodak and Tyskie – before heading into the first of the new tracks, CP Goggles. Delivering a new side to Pat’s sonic style, CP Goggles is a melodic and low-tempo soulful rap-led track that brings together elements from across indie, soul and R&B to create a unique and captivating vibe. Stunning and melodic, the track showcases Pat’s lyrical dexterity as he delivers a poignant and candid narrative that is seamlessly placed above a delicate soundscape, featuring rhythmic beats, soulful notes and delicate guitar riffs. And as CP Goggles comes to a close, it fades effortlessly into the last of the pre-released songs, White Air Forces, and another new sound and energy. 

As we head into the latter half of the record, this starts off with another brief spoken interlude on Sunday League (Skit) before diving into the latest two new tracks, Playground Days and Road Signs. Giving off a similar vibe to White Air Forces, Playground Days is another melodic rap track with a singer-songwriter edge to it. Reminiscent of artists like Rex Orange County, it showcases Pat’s artistic diversity and a new edge to his sound and style as he once more fuses together a unique blend of genres and vibes to create something incredible and unique. And perfectly following on from Playground Days is Road Signs that delivers a more up tempo, yet chill, rhythmic vibe. Easy-going and mellow, Road Signs is a perfect track for a bright summer day and gives off an effortlessly positive energy. Ending the EP on a final spoken word voice note, the record plays out on Grandma’s Voicenote (Skit), a 14 second voice note from who we can imagine to be Pat’s Grandmother that is layered above a gentle instrumental. 

Talking about the record, Pat explains:

“This EP is a story depicting my journey through life so far: the meaning of “No Ball Games” draws from the childlike creativity, fearlessness and the willingness to take risks and break rules. I wanted to create something brave and outside the box with complete vulnerability. The theme of nostalgia is very prominent throughout this body of work and it is something I consciously chose to convey as I feel that nostalgia is a feeling that is easy to experience however hard to define. I wanted to show people who I am and what I am about and really introduce my art to the world, what you hear is what you get – this project is unapologetically raw and intimate and aims to be an insight into my mind.”

An incredible new release, and with an exciting journey ahead, Pat continues to showcase why he is a rising talent to watch. With Pat already working on what’s next, make sure to keep up with what’s in store from the fantastic artist over the months and years to come. So head over to his socials to make sure you don’t miss his latest news and releases:


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