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Pat – ‘Tyskie’

“Sippin Tyskie on a park bench/ Kicking back and I’m enjoying all the views”

After much anticipation, and perfectly following on from his previous releases Kodak and White Air Forces; rising star Pat is once again blessing us with some incredible new music as he releases his latest new single, TyskieA stunning new anthem that incorporates all the classic elements of Pat’s signature sound and style, Tyskie also continues to see him hone and develop his sound and style as he once again introduces us to a new side of his multi-faceted artistry. With rhythmic rap verses and bouncy melodies, that give off a warm and up-beat vibe, this is an effortlessly cool and laid-back track that will be a perfect listen for over the summer months. And to accompany the single, perfectly reflecting the message of the song, Pat also dropped some incredible new visuals alongside the release that add a new layer and meaning to the track. Having already had fantastic year in music so far, we can no doubt expect more incredible music and releases from Pat in the months to come, with his highly anticipated debut EP due for release later this year.

Already having racked up an impressive 3.8+ million streams on Spotify alone since his emergence onto the music scene earlier this year, Tyskie is the latest taste of Pat’s captivating and immersive rap and pop led artistry. His most autobiographical track to date, Tyskie delivers a narrative all about culture and identity as Pat explores his journey from Poland to the UK with his family at the age of seven and the cultural differences between the two worlds; exploring the two sides of his identity. Candid and personal, the song brings us deeper into Pat’s unique world and artistic space; beginning with a gentle and melodic piano instrumental that hooks listeners from the very first note. As the song progresses, the punchy, rhythmic percussive beat kicks in, perfectly placed alongside Pat’s vocals that he delivers with an infectious and easy-going energy. Adding to the release, Pat also dropped some stunning new visuals – filmed and shot in Poland – to go alongside the track, that sees Pat chilling with friends and having a good time while sipping on Tyskie

“Tyskie is a song about culture, and showcases the two sides of my identity – Polish and English. I wanted to write a song that really showed the way that I was feeling at the time of writing. It’s a song about thinking deeply and reminiscing about the past as well as looking to the future. “Sippin Tyskie on a park bench” is a lyric that presents a Polish attitude to life and is essentially about getting deep into your thoughts and taking in your journey and surroundings. I wanted to use this song as a way to educate people about the differences in life and culture between Poland and the UK as I feel that there are many misconceptions about what life is like in Poland and I feel that through this song people can really get an insight into my journey and really feel what it was like to take the risk of moving country.”

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